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Your Morning Obesity Crisis Story

February 1, 2008

The things I learn about on morning TV.  There was apparently a peice on the Today Show yesterday about a 5 year old girl who weighs 105 pounds.

There are lots of people weighing in with advice on the today show site.   Some one says Obsessive Compusive disorder, other people have mentioned neurological disorders that cause compulsive eating.  And the mother seems to blame herself for feeding her daughter what she wanted to eat.

Personally I do not think that restricting eating in children is a great idea in general because they are growing.   And I don’t think that restricting her food intake is going to help her focus on eating any less, if anything I am sure it has made the situation worse.  I have to wonder, is there something medicallywrong with this girl?  OR has she developed a disordered relationship with food?

I don’t know, but I hope that she can be happy despite being used as a poster girl for childhood obesity.


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  1. vesta44 permalink

    There was news article about it too. This little girl throws temper tantrums and hits her mother when she doesn’t get her way about food, and her grandmother sabotages her mother’s limits about what the little girl eats (the girl is told she needs to eat her veggie before she gets a treat, the mother has to go do something, and the grandmother lets her have the treat without eating the veggie because she doesn’t want to listen to the little girl screaming). There’s a lot more going on in this situation than just a mother over-feeding her kid. She’s seen psychologists and doctors, and no one has been able to help her. Putting it on tv just exploits the whole situation without offering any help. That’s really, really sad.

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