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Happy Birthday To Me!

February 6, 2008

I’m trying to be excited about my birthday to counteract how depressed I am. I hate getting older, I cried on my 13th birthday because I didn’t want to grow up. And now I can already feel the beginnings of an obsession forming re: wrinkles and other things that make me look old. I’m 26 I should not be worried about wrinkles. But I am, I’m worried about FUTURE wrinkles. That is just stupid.

I guess the thing is, even though I’m fat, I still think I’m pretty. In fact, I think I’m a lot prettier than I probably actually am. And I’m worried that as I get older the few things I like about myself physically (hair & face) are going to go to the dogs. So every time I “celebrate” getting older, I feel just a little more miserable about my future.

I mean, what exactly is there to look forward to? Lots of things I don’t really want, like a mortgage and kids, but feel that I should have for lack of anything else better to do. With added bonus of getting older. Woo hah.

I clearly need to work on some life goals in this my 26th year.

Things to do:

Make it to the next paycheck with money in the bank.

Apply for Graduate School.

Go back to volunteering at animal rescue groups.

Run a mile.

Get WoW character to lvl 70 and then quit.

Spend more time with family and friends.


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  1. vesta44 permalink

    Ummm, I wouldn’t worry about looking older as you get older. I’m 54, and looking back at pictures of me from 20 years ago, I haven’t changed all that much. When people try to guess how old I am, they usually guess anywhere from 10 to 15 years younger than I actually am (and they don’t believe I have grandkids that are 9, 10, 11, and 14). I really think that a lot of how we age, as relates to our looks, is in our minds. I have the attitude that I’m growing older, but not up (I’m a kid and I’m gonna be a kid til the day I die). Hell, I still listen to heavy metal music. Another thing I’ve noticed, is that fat people don’t show their age nearly as much as thinner people do. So enjoy your life and keep learning, but keep a young outlook, that will keep you from aging more than anything. 🙂

  2. Cara permalink

    Happy belated b’day! And I’d like to second vesta’s comment about fat people showing less age / wrinkles.

    BUT, as someone who’s ahead of you on the getting-older curve (33) and who has often been remiss about self-care, I’d say this: invest as much as you can in a good skincare routine (cleanse, tone, and moisturise) that suits your skin condition (dry, oily, normal, whatever). Do it every day, twice a day and your skin will thank you! Especially since you’ll be starting so young. Which is what 26 is – YOUNG. So there 😛

  3. lebysassya permalink

    Happy Birthday. Cheer up. I agree with on the mortgage issue. but children can bring life to the dead. make sure you someone special to share the responsibility with. sometimes they can be difficult, but in the end of the day, they are the world to me. It is never too late to apply to Grad-School. i went back when i was 30. I finished my Bachelor in computer of engineering and i am almost done with my masters.

    Life is full of happiness if you look for it, looks are not everything be content of who you are. Soooooooooo Cheer Up.

    We had 2 more children while i went to school. It was not easy but i did it, so can you. they brought the smile to my face every evening. They never failed to do so.

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