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February 18, 2008

I’ve been sighing a lot lately.  It is what I do when my head starts to get away from me and I start worrying and generally freaking out internally.  I take a deeep breath and let it out slowly and try to think about something ANYTHING else.  My boyfriend, Mr Incredible always turns and asks what’s wrong when I do it, by which time I have cleared my mind and have no answer.

This is what is wrong.

My landlord has decided to demolish the ADORABLE 2 bdrm house that my boyfriend and I are currently renting so that he can build one of his post modern architectural… thingies on it. (See how nice I’m being.)  This means that me, my unemployed boyfriend, my two cats and our 80 pound dog have 6 weeks now to find somewhere else to live in or around the city of Chicago.

The reason we moved into a house at all was because the apartment above mine caught on fire last January.  And due to the water damage we had to move, so we found this great cottage, and got a dog and figured we’d live here for a couple years until we could afford to buy a house.  So the plan was to never share a wall or floor with other people again.

We really like this place, we were settling in finally.  Oh yeah, and did I mention? This is my 9th address in 8 years.  I’m so sick of moving I want to cry.

I was really hoping we could stay a while, but now no.  And I don’t want to live in another apartment complex because I’d never sleep through the night again. (It was 3am when the fire started, Mr. incredible woke me up when he saw the flames in the reflection of our building from the windows of the building behind ours.)  We also need a place with a yard, as our dog is big and loves to run run run.  (He’s a Husky.)

This is, it turns out, impossible to find right now.  We apparently totally lucked out last year and now are SCREWED.  We looked into buying a place, but I can only afford about 200k and the only thing you can get for 200k in or near chicago is a shit hole surrounded by shit holes. 

Plus, we have 6 weeks.  We had to cancel our vacation at the end of March because we’ll be moving.  I don’t know where to yet, but somewhere.





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  1. thoughtracer permalink

    Oh jesus. I am so sorry. As someone who has lived a nomadic life and has only had one address for more than 1 year twice for the lasst 12 years, I totally know what you are going through. Except for the fire part. God, what a fucking pain in the ass. I hope you get it all worked out. To some degree of satisfaction for you and your little family.


  2. Moving is a pile of suck. A big, malodorous, steaming pile.

    I’m not sure what’s around Chicago, but what about a duplex? I know with the dog you probably need a yard. Duplexes are not as good as a house, but at least you don’t have someone stomping around on your ceiling. Or setting things on fire above you, either.

  3. kristin permalink

    Hey Shinobi-

    How many miles outside city limits can you go? Do you have your heart set on a particular era (i.e. not new construction)? My mom is a real estate agent there, so I could ask her for some areas for you to look in…A couple of my friends just bought a house about 20 miles outside of the city ( I can’t remember which ‘burb) for 175,000 that is pretty nice…

  4. We’re looking at pretty much anything right now. Duplexes are nice, but there aren’t that many of them.

    We just want a place with a yard within about a 45 minute commute to downtown which is where my office is. But this City is so huge I don’t know which areas have decent property values, and transportation and stuff. Kristin my e-mail is if your mom has any suggestions that would be AMAZING.

  5. Check out Waukegan – it is an easy commute into Chicago by train. I recently purchased a fantastic bungalow there for $140K with a huge back yard and a garage. Some parts are nicer then others, naturally, but all in all, I really love Waukegan.

  6. Have you looked on Craigslist?

    I’ve found a lot of nice carriage houses and 2-flats with yards on there, many of them accepting of dogs. A lot of them are in Wicker Park, I’ve noticed.

    Just to give you an idea, I’ve been looking for 3 bedrooms for $1k a month or less.

    Good luck with your search.

  7. jadine permalink

    Also, if/when you find a house look into Bank of America’s No Fee Mortgage. I don’t work for BoA, (this isn’t spam) but I just bought a house and got a great deal on my loan. I think because of this deal other banks are starting to get more competitive, but BoA is just the one I know about. They will pay most or all of your closing costs and don’t charge any PMI, even if you don’t put down 20%.

    Another thing I liked is that throughout the process you can log in to their site and see the progress of your application.

    Good luck!

  8. I actually already got pre approved through BoA! They are my bank. But I might check elsewhere just to see if I can get a better interest rate. Who knows if we’ll end up buying though. We really can’t afford a huge mortgate payment right now.

    Thanks for the advice everybody! We’ll keep looking. It’s great to have support!

  9. RoseCampion permalink

    Check out Berwyn. I lived there for years and loved it, until we moved from a house to a condo. It’s close to public tranportation (Metra, and if you pick North Berwyn, the blue line El). it’s not a fancy or hip place, but it’s not a shithole either. And I’m pretty sure you could get a house there for under 200k. We sold our house last june for under 200k, though admittedly, it was a fixitupper situation. It’s definitely worth checking out. Like I said, I loved it there.

  10. I so feel your aggravation. We were living in the farther west ‘burbs and the town decided they wanted a parking lot where our house was. And we had about a month to find a new house. We lucked out on the price on this one, and the timing, but holy crow, moving is the biggest pit of suck!

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