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Wrote a post.. deleted it… need nap

March 21, 2008

I wrote a response to the recent fatshionista blog post about race issues within the FA movement.  I then deleted it.  Why?  Because it wasn’t very good, and I’m too tired to moderate comments forever.  So… sorry kids.

I hope it isn’t snowing where you are.


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  1. littlem permalink

    Man oh man. And Good Fatty/Bad Fatty is just winding down. Guess it must be spring; people are feeling sprung.

    In keeping with the post’s theme, I started a comment, but I think I’m going to need to come back later to finish it. (I don’t get a nap today, though, I don’t think; I want to make sure I get it right.)

  2. Shinobi permalink

    It is important to get things right. I don’t get a nap either. 😦 Stupid going home for the holidays.

  3. It’s snowing here, thinking about putting the easter eggs out in the snow for the grandkids to hunt for on Sunday morning (digging through snow sounds like so much fun……not). Good thing I’m not a sadistic granny……
    I’m still thinking on the fatshionista post, don’t know if I’ll blog or not about it, it’s a real can o’worms fer shure.

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