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Thrown off the Bus

March 28, 2008

A man who uses a wheelchair in Georgia has been denied access to county busses because he is overweight.

The article states that the county banned him because the combined weight of him and his wheelchair was “putting a strain on hydraulic systems used to lift him onto the bus.”

Apparently the equipment they are using is rated at 750lbs, and his weight with his wheelchair is 680lbs. But they are still refusing to allow him on the bus.

What the fuck!!!!! I am Shinobi’s rage.

When I first read the title I was concerned that it was goign to be all about the fatty taking up too many seats. But this is even more concerning, here we have a man who relies on the bus for his transportation and they are refusing to help him, even though they clearly can.

It’s just messed up. I don’t even know what to say.


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  1. Stevie permalink

    I think its more messed up not because they can help him, but because they HAVE BEEN! He said he’d been riding the bus for five years. and just now the transit people have issues. I’d bet my pig bank that some drivers just got tired to having to make the extra effort of helping this man onto and off the bus.

  2. thoughtracer permalink

    Just one thing … as a person who works with people with disabilities and people who use wheelchairs, the term preferred by many is “person who uses a wheelchair” as opposed to confined by a wheelchair, wheelchair bound, etc.

  3. Fixed. Sorry

  4. I read this article off to hubby this morning and he pointed out that many times the weight rating for something is under listed, mostly to avoid liability issues and guessed the lift is probably rated to 1000 lbs and is more then capable of handling Mr Washington and his chair. I cry bullshit on the bus company and their excuses. I’m with Stevie in that it is laziness on the part of the drivers.

  5. thoughtracer permalink

    Thanks. 🙂

  6. If this man truly is putting a strain on the bus’ hydraulic systems, it sounds as if the county needs to upgrade its services to accommodate him. Equal access is only equal when it applies to everyone.

  7. It also just occurred to me that their lift may be old and not preforming up to standard, so rather than replace it they downgrade their service. I’m with Rachel.

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