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FA In Unexpected Places

April 10, 2008

So, I have kindof a… problem… with bad reality TV shows. I can’t keep myself from watching ridiculous shows like The Girl’s Next Door and The Bad Girl’s Club. I know that these shows are generally quite antifeminist and not realistic and blah blah blah. But I like them. Sue me, okay?

So I was waiting for another guilty pleasure to come on (Intervention, which I feel I can actually respect because it is on A&E and it helps people HAH!) and I was watching The Bad Girl’s Club. And in this episode an amazing thing happened. A fat girl (on a reality show, I know, die of shock) stood up to a skinny girl about her fat hatred.

One of the girls on the show would constantly use the word fat to degrade other people, even not fat people. (Actually it seemed like she was pretty much willing to spew whatever vile sentiments happend to pop into her head at any given time. And doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that.) Well Tanisha confronted her about her language choices and her bigotry against fat women. (episode 215)

I just wanted to give a shout out to Tanisha. Way to stand up for yourself and for fat women everywhere.

UPDATED: To Add even MORE FA in unexpected places. On’s front page is a link to this Oprah article Maybe You Need to Gain 10 Pounds What is a healthy weight?”
The article is pretty good and does not contain any “But OMGZ don’t be REALLY fat” comments.  /dance


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  1. I think these little bits of FA in unexpected places are SERIOUSLY what keep me going. I mean, plus-sized beauty queen? Sweet! Fat(ter) singers winning American Idol? Oh yes! Doctors who refer to myself (and lucky others) as “big, healthy girls”? If I could schwiiiing, I would. 😉

  2. I always try to balance my blog entries so that I don’t have so many depressing ones in a row. But it’s hard to find positive stories on eating disorders or fatness. So, it’s always super-nice to stumble upon stories like these and realize there is hope for the world, after all.

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