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June 5, 2008

The Australian federal government has set up a Preventative Health Taskforce. It’s to make recommendations on preventative strategies to combat the ‘burden of chronic disease currently caused by obesity, tobacco and the excessive consumption of alcohol’.

(emphasis mine) From Fat-O-Matic.

I just cant help my mind being a wee bit boggled when I see things Obesity being held up next to things like Smoking and Drinking.  As though no one else but me noticed that fat is not an action word.

“OMG!  Did you see that girl!  She’s Fating! Doesn’t she know that’s bad for her?”

Fat is not a verb people!  That’s why I have to use the cumbersome phrase *Is fat at Austrailan Preventative Health Taskforce*  In lieu of *fats at the Austrailian Preventative Health Taskforce* because without some conjuration of the word to be fat can not be an action.

I fat, you fat, he/she/it fats?  uhhh  I think not people.

Fat is not an action, though there are actions that they could address?  Binge eating, that’d be a good one,  Starving, also a good one.  Excersizing, that could be a good one as long as they don’t assume that excersizing will immediately lead to an end to Fating.  The same with healthy eating.

I know everyone reading this blog already gets this point.  I just… GRRRRR.  It is ridiculous to see something like “being fat” put next to action verbs like smoking and drinking.  Why don’t they put Shortness up there too?  Or Tallness, I hear there is a tallness epidemic going on now!

It is not a subtle difference to people with a brain, smoking v. obesity.   I feel bad for smokers all the time.  In Chicago smokers have such a hard time, they can’t smoke inside, but they can’t smoke outside either, someone might WALK THROUGH THEIR SMOKE.  They are relegated to pathetic smoker corridors (there is an alley behind our office building that they use.)  And that sucks.  But the thing is, theoretically, they could stop.  They could stop being people who smoke, they could stop smoking, and then they would just be people.

I can’t stop fating.   I sometimes feel like people wish they could put me in an alley, so I don’t pollute the world by making them WALK BY MY FAT. I am not a person who fats, I am a person who is fat.  I could do some other actions, starving and exercising, but those wont end my being fat.

Fat is not something that I do, it is something that I am.  A task force that combats obesity is not combating my negative actions, it is fighting against me, who I am.

I am fat

You are fat

He/she/it is fat

We are fat

Y’all are fat

They are fat

No task force can change what we are.


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  1. tara permalink

    you could stop “fatting” if you wanted to. all you have to do is take action to continually use more energy than you intake for a period of time and then, one no longer a large person, take in and use a roughly equal amount of energy. Not any harder than stopping smoking.

  2. Not to mention, a lot of the chronic diseases that are commonly attributed to fat are not, not only not caused by fat, but rather fat is a symptom of the chronic disease itself. Way to conflate symptomology for causation there, government.

  3. healthatmysize permalink

    Why are these words so sad, but make me laugh my fat ass off!! You are one funny girl.

  4. You know, I’m such an obnoxious person that I’d gladly fat at the government taskforce just to annoy them 😉

  5. Gee, thanks for explaining that to me Tara. Because… Y’know I’ve never dieted before, or been to a gym for months and months then immediately gained back all the weight I lost. Nope, Never happened. Thanks for totally changing my mind.

    (I love it when trolls are all shiny and new.)

  6. “Fating.” HAHAHAHAHAHA. And yeah, I love these trolls who think they invented dieting. C’mon, fatasses, I totally lost 15 pounds and kept it off, so if you want to lose 150 and keep it off, you just have to do the same thing TEN MORE TIMES! (I can hold my breath underwater for 30 seconds, so it should be NO PROBLEM for you to do the same thing for 5 minutes!)

  7. tara permalink

    I agree that the methods you chose were doomed to fail, not because you are destined to be fat, but because you dieted and went to the gym “for months and months” “Dieting” doesn’t work because it is a short term idea. Going to the gym for “months and months” shows that you stopped going. In order to permanently loose weight you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, one that includes a healthy, well portioned diet and activity level. Most importantly you have to adopt the lifestyle for life, not just a short period of time. the fact that you are surprised that you gained back the weight you lost after you stopped exercising (and presumably stopped your diet) is astounding. Of course you will gain your weigh back once you revert to your previous lifestyle. There is no magic thing you can do for a few months and be set for life, the very idea is preposterous.

    Furthermore I have no problem with fat people, and i would rather fat people like themselves than hate themselves. I also agree that fat is not a disease but rather a symptom. However it is rarely a symptom of a disease and almost always a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity could be eliminated in the vast majority of cases if those suffering from it adopted a healthy lifestyle. That is the aim of these programs. They are not aimed at eradicating people, but the effects of the lifestyle those people lead. Just like seeking to reduce the instance of lung cancer by curbing smoking. Fat acceptance is in many ways a noble goal and fat people should be treated like humans, but as long as fat acceptance denies the link between lifestyle and weight it will never be taken seriously. It will be seen as just another way for people to attempt to escape being personally responsible for their actions.

  8. Stalin permalink

    “fat people should be treated like humans”

    I see what you’re saying here.

    I’m sure you don’t think what you said shows that you exclude fat people from humanity, but that’s what you are saying with the words you chose.

    Fat may not be a verb, but hate is.

    Take yours and jiggle it elsewhere.

  9. Tara, first of all you can take your patronizing diet advice and shove it.


    They are not aimed at eradicating people, but the effects of the lifestyle those people lead.

    You obviously missed the whole point of this post. My problem with these people is not that they are advocating a healthy lifestyle. My problem is that they are focusing on who people ar instead of actions they can do to improve their lives.

    Encouraging healthy eating and exercise is good for EVERYONE not just fat people. But they are focusing on obesity, the state of being obese, and trying to eradicate that instead of encouraging healthy activities.

    The fact is that some people lead very “healthy” lives and are still fat. It is not a simple equation. (I am not one of those people btw, I am fat and lazy and proud, but my boyfriend is, he cannot lose weight due to severe hypothyroidism.)

  10. tanaudel permalink

    And it’s bad writing. I mean, if they said, “obesity, emphysema and liver failure” it would at least be consistent. Problematic and wrong-headed, but consistent. What do they teach them at these schools?

  11. Sarah permalink

    Tara, you cannot judge a person’s “lifestyle” by their physical appearance. Do you automatically assume that thin people eat healthy and exercise?

  12. Sarah permalink

    Oh, and Tara? If a big person ALREADY eats sensible and is active, what do you suggest then?

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