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Going Green: Your Rack of DOOM!

June 24, 2008

There is a really amusing article today in slate about using boobs to generate power.

Hehehe booooobies.

Sorry, had to get that out of the way.

But the gist of the article is investigating how one could use different new technologies in a bra to harness the kinetic energy of boobs.

I thought the science in this article was very interesting, depending on the size of your boobs and the type of bra you are wearing you would generate different levels of electricity:

Measurements compiled by Lawson and her colleagues show that a D-cup in a low-support bra can travel as much as 35 inches up and down (35 inches!) during exercise, while a B-cup in a high-support bra barely moves an inch.

This is not an apples to apples comparison, but a min max sort of comparison. Which I found a little confusing at first. Very… not scientific. But still amazing to contemplate. Rack of Doom=World traveler.

This means that people with bigger boobs would be able to generate more electricity for their own personal use. Take that small boobed people who can shop at Victoria’s Secret!

I think the funniest part of the article is this bit:

I asked Wang if this bra would be machine-washable.

“You don’t need to wash a bra!” he said.

Uhm, On what planet?

Anyway, it’s exciting that we ladies may eventually be able to put the girls to work!


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  1. fillyjonk permalink

    Hahah apples to apples.

  2. geekgirlsrule permalink

    Ok, I’m apparently 12, because “Wang” made me crack up.

    And in what world do you not need to wash bras? Ewwwww. Particularly after working out, my bras are all sweaty and gross.

  3. dotwrnr permalink

    the girls?

    Heh, at an H cup, I don’t have girls, I have women 🙂

  4. Yeah, geekgirlsrule, I must be right with you in the 12 year old room since I started giggling too…giggling even! *sigh*

    And yeah, while boob-powered ANYTHING would be cool; in what plane of existance do you not need to wash an article of clothing which rests RIGHT on your skin all day…especially after working out? Do guys not wash their underpants after working out!??!? Eeewwww…. 😉

  5. Theory: I think that some men somehow believe that boobs are always pristine and never sweat and therefore nothing that ever touches them could be dirty. Wishful thinking. Also, all women are delicate flowers whose sweat smells like roses.

  6. Youch! 35 inches? I’d trade up for better support if we could get this in an energy efficient model! (not really Joe, just borrowing his computer).


  7. I can testify to this. I wear a high impact bra for sports and DAMN THAT THING STINKS after a few hours in my gym bag. I’m a GG/H girl (uk cup sizes) so…yah…I really feel the boobs moving.

  8. Godless Heathen permalink

    Shhhhh…*stage whisper* they don’t know about under-boob sweat!

    This is exactly why low support bras suck much ass. Men might like watching them flop around, but they really have no concept of how painful that is. Even for small women, there’s nothing sexy about bouncing around that much. Ouch.

    You can keep your kinetic energy, give me a boulder holder that doesn’t even allow me to jiggle when I giggle!

  9. I must be missing something here: “a D-cup in a low-support bra can travel as much as 35 inches up and down (35 inches!) during exercise”.. wouldn’t that mean them basically flopping from your chin to your hip? Or maybe I left my reading comphrehension in bed today?

  10. Shinobi permalink

    From my limited understanding of having a C cup… I’m going to say, yes, taht’s exactly what happens. I have a good friend whose gigantic boobs once broke her bra strap and hit her in the face while running. It’s a problem.

  11. Oh, I have a rack of doo-hoom myself, it is one of the reasons why I don’t jog. I know the problem, I think I have an H-Cup now. I was just trying to get my mind around the numbers. Thanks. 🙂

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