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Nothin Better To Do

July 2, 2008

When I turned 13 years old I cried.  But not as much as I cried when “became a woman.”

I never wanted to grow up.  I certainly didn’t want to go to college, and even more than that I did NOT want a stupid boring day job.  I did not want to buy real estate, or have friends who now have newborn babies, or be in 1000 weddings.

But here I am.  At least 3 of my friends are now Mothers and Fathers, and I now have to figure out how to navigate the tricky “I really don’t care about your kid but am happy that your happy” landscape.  All but a few of my friends are engaged.

Plus, I own a house.  (WTF?  I mean I know it’s better than renting and all…but what was I thinking?  Seriously?)

All I can think is, How did I get here?

I remember in HighSchool I didn’t want to go to college, mostly because it was just assumed that that was what I would do.  Inevitably I did go and had a great time, and don’t really remember resisting it.  But it’s not like I went to college and got a boring job because it was what I wanted.  It’s what I did because I didn’t have anything else better to do.

Similarly I’ll probably end up getting married and spawining a few baby ninjas mostly because I can’t think of anything else better to do.

And then I’ll get old, and retire to what’s left of Florida, because I don’t know what else better there would be to do.

Man am I Bored.


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  1. Piffle permalink

    Kittens are better than babies for boredom curing. Having had both I can say this with full truth behind me.

    I also recommend the Sister Fidelma mystery books set in ancient Ireland. A fascinating society, much more feminist than we think of medival times as being.

  2. Go live in another country for a while! 🙂 (Except for the nasty ones that don’t let fatties in.)

  3. HotMomma permalink

    That was a freaking awesome post! It takes a lot for me to a crack a smile and you did that just fine, may I just say? I love how you linked Talking Heads!!

    May I also add that GOD!!! Do I feel the same way! But it sure would have been nice to be able to or care to go to college.

  4. Shinobi permalink

    Thank you all for indulging my self indulgent whineyness.

  5. Great post! I admire your honesty. 🙂

    Here’s some totally unsolicited advice: don’t have kids unless you really want them. There are so many people on this planet already, and I can’t help feeling that the world gets meaner the more crowded it is. There are lots of people out there who want to spawn and keep spawning until the cows come home. So if that’s not you, let them keep the species going while you do other stuff to relieve your boredom, like traveling or writing a book.

  6. Shinobi: drop me a line at marina at bigmoves dot org, so I can get your proper email (can’t find it here on the blog). I’m rounding up supporters and allies at all the stops on the Big Moves 2009 tour, and saw your comment over on SP. Thanks, and talk to you soon!


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