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Friday Feel Good Tunes!

August 8, 2008

I listen to Pandora at work, which is a great music site where you pick a band or singer you like and then they provide other bands and singers with similar characteristics that you might also like. Highly recommend! So, my Pandora station for Katy Perry (I know I know… but her song is so catchy) introduced me to this song by Lily Allen:

I can’t find the official Video so I picked the Ugly Betty Video, because Ugly Betty is yay.

The key lyrics from this song that made me fall in lurve:

Why can’t I sleep at night,
Don’t say it’s gonna be alright,
I wanna be able to eat spaghetti bolognaise,
and not feel bad about it for days and days and days.
In the magazines they talk about weight loss,
If I buy those jeans I can look like Kate Moss,
Oh no it’s not the life I chose,
But I guess that’s the way that things go.

Don’t you want spaghetti bolognaise now? I totally do. Anyway, In addition to this great song she also did an interesting interview where she talked about the unrealistic beauty standards and how they’ve changed.

Not a stellar recommendation for FA or anything, but still a positive note.

“No one looks like models except models, that’s the whole point, so that you’re trying to buy more and more to work towards it!”

There are a few things she says I disagree with obviously, but I have decided to overlook them in favor of being in a good mood. Woo for people in the entertainment industry who are willing to speak up about the ridiculous beauty standards in western society!


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