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We’re all gonna DIE!

August 11, 2008

Don’t say he didn’t warn us.

Today just skimming instapundit I was greeted with this little gem:

THERE ARE OLD PEOPLE, AND THERE ARE FAT PEOPLE, but there aren’t that many old, fat people. Though my grandmother made it to 91, and she was never skinny.

Seriously, why even link a post if you know it isn’t true. Way to conform to the dominant media narrative about fat there Mr.Pundit.

The best part, the post he links actually proves itself wrong.
The Claim:

Excess fat held over the years is a killer, and the oldest people are very rarely overweight.

The Conclusion:

Become fat and stay fat, in other words, and you’ll remove yourself from the picture much sooner than would otherwise be the case. In addition, your health in the years ahead will be much the worse for it. Do as you will with your life, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

Oh my god! REALLY! I’ve like, never heard this before! I’m gonna die! That’s just aweful! Thank you so much for warning me! Seriously, where has this person been for the last 10 years, do they actually think there is one fat person left who isn’t waiting to drop dead of a heart attack at any second?

I love that they give us permission to do what we want. Gee Thanks, you know what I really want, to be genetically pre disposed to being overweight so douchebags like you can tell me about how I’m gonna die. Life’s ambition… srsly.

What is this thrilling and oh so original claim based on? The Evidence (emph mine):

A simulation of an age cohort from 65 to 100 was conducted to show the changes in weight and health outcomes among the cohorts with different baseline weight based on the parameters estimated by the model. The elderly with normal weight at age 65 experience higher life expectancy and lower disability rates than the same age cohorts in other weight categories. The interesting prediction of our model is that the average body size of an elderly cohort will converge to the normal weight range through a process of survival, senescence (ed: I look it up so you don’t have to!), and behavioral adjustment.

So lets translate this into English. All us fat fat fat fatties, we’re all gonna die early…. OR we’re going to lose weight as we age… OR we’re going to lose weight for some other reason, like not being as hungry or from all the exercise we get from yelling at kids to get off our lawn.

So yeah, way to prove yourself wrong in your own post. It’s too bad no one has yet prove that stupidity is a killer, or maybe we could start some kind of government program for people with the same problem.

I want to point out that it wasn’t just overweight people with higher disability and lower life expectancy, it was also the underweight. Way to leave that out , I guess they couldn’t see them standing behind all the fatties. I would be interested to see how big the life expectancy difference between normal and overweight actually was. I’m guessing it was not that big or it would have been in the summary.

I’m going to go contemplate my impending doom over lunch. A really big, fat person lunch, full of things fat people eat that make them die early. Mmmmmm impending doom tastes just like pizza and red velvet cake.


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  1. I love that he thinks there are no old, fat people. My grandmother (dad’s side) was 86 when she passed away, she was 5′ 8″ and weighed about 200 lbs. My other grandmother (mom’s side) was 84 when she passed away, she was 5′ 7″ and weighed about 195 lbs. Both of them were “overweight”, both of them were fairly healthy, in spite of lung cancer and a stroke (maternal grandmother) and heart problems (paternal grandmother). Could it possibly be that they lived as long as they did because they carried more weight than “normal” people? Maybe it’s because they actually had reserves to call on when they got sick that they actually, you know, survived those illnesses that are supposed to kill fat people. Srsly, he needs to pull his head out of his ass and get a clue instead of being an appearance-focused bigot.

  2. Bountiful Luv Muffin permalink

    Huh. I just had a conversation with my 84-year-old momma. She’s always been in the “overweight” category, and all her life, she got to hear about how she wasn’t going to live to old age. Her words, “I guess I’m old now.” Then she listed the names of those who were concerned that she would die “before her time”. They had all died before she did, even though she was older than most of them. “Well. They were wrong.”

    Next thing I know, she was talking about how she was losing weight because she simply wasn’t hungry.

    I have a nagging little belief in cosmic irony. Too many people I’ve known who bragged about how long they were going to live because they “lived healthy” are now pushing up daisies.

  3. Piffle permalink

    Hmmm. This is a computer simulation correct? So if the data going in aren’t good, then the data coming out will be flawed too. I’d be interested in seeing the real world trends myself. IIRC, reading at Sandy’s blog, most actual studies of actual old people show that having a few extra pounds is protective, and if you get fatter the overall mortality does go up a little bit; but being a few pounds underweight is much more likely to up your mortality rate.

    Plus, it all depends upon how you define fat and how you define old. ‘Twas a time when making it to eighty was very rare, and you would find many people of any weight at those ages. Define old as 100+ and there simply aren’t very many of them to begin with, of any weight.

  4. Yah Piffle, I’d really like to look at the details of this study, but all that is available is the abstract.

  5. La di Da permalink

    Oh hey too bad about my 87 year old fat grandpa and my 87 year old great aunty and my other fat grandpa who died when he was 83, 25 years ago, and all my other fat relatives who live(d) long lives and their ability to store fat that protected them from starving during the war and refugee years in Europe, and during further rationing behind the Iron Curtain while working manual labour jobs and being sent to gulags. I guess they didn’t get enough diet and exercise.

  6. Oh, Lordy, that old chestnut again.

    Consider the source; it’s from an article from Reason Magazine. I don’t know why they’re so hysterical about fat over there; their UK counterpart Spike Magazine has been doing a bang-up job busting up the obesity-epidemic hysterics in the UK. But not so Reason – maybe it’s because Ayn Rand always used fat in her novels as a metonym for slothful socialists?

    Anyway, it’s a ridiculous comparison. A lot of people *lose weight* as they go into old age, either because that’s just a natural body change, or they have some illness which causes wasting. How many old people are *formerly* fat? Did anyone even ask?

    OTOH, I went to see the substitute MD today (my regular MD is on vacation) for a minor problem. My regular MD does not weigh me routinely, but this one did. Funny, he didn’t say a word about it, though. I guess that’s progress? ; )

  7. Yes, too bad about all our fat relatives who have lived well into their 80’s & 90’s & some of them beyond that. My mother was fat virtually all her life, had one kidney by the time she was 45 because she inherited kidney disease from her average-sized father & thin grandfather, had seven children, lived in poverty most of her life, had emphysema from my father’s secondhand smoke, & was, by her own admission, an alcoholic for many years, though she quit drinking after my father’s death & her liver healed itself; she died at 85. Her mother, who had no family history of kidney disease, was also fat all her life & died at 90. Several of my mother’s aunts & uncles, who were fat, died in their 80’s & 90’s & one lived to be 101. Her brother died a few years ago at 94. Not one of them ever did the ‘healthy lifestyle, eat right & exercise’ thing & had diets which would give fits to the health nuts these days.

    The studies actually show, as Sandy explains with all these ‘obesity paradoxes’, that fatter people generally live LONGER than thinner people, that we survive illness & recover better, as well as that being fat itself is not the problem…it is being marginalized, abused, & kept from having full access & rights to a decent life which causes stress, self-hatred, which in turn causes many health problems. Fat people who live in cultures where fat is not stigmatized do just fine, thanks. Dieting is bad for one’s health & becomes moreso with age, enough so that losing weight after 60 increases mortality risks. And it is common…& normal…to gain some weight with aging, but once we become old, to gradually lose a bit of weight & shrink somewhat.

    I remember that the King of Tonga died within the last two years; he had weighed between 380 & 475 pounds his entire adult life, & he was 88 years old. Generally speaking, we are going to live as long as anyone else & we may or not may not arrive at old age still fat, but the problem with jackasses such as this one is not that we are going to die young, but that we refuse to die soon enough.

    Incidentally, I am turning 59 myself in less than a month & finally finished menopause about 17 months ago, & my body is changing…a little weight gain, & the sands in my hourglass are shifting. It goes with the territory & probably I will lose the small amount of weight I have gained over the next ten years or so, & I will still be fat. I have two brothers (interesting point, too, since being male is the biggest cause of mortality risks, enough so that the average 350 pound woman can expect to outlive the average 6 foot, 170 pound man by three or four years…what? No insistence that they take hormones & have sex change surgery?) who are much larger than I…one is 5’7″ & has always been fat & for years has ranged between 250 & 270; the other, who has been an alcoholic since he was 15, is 5’11” * about 270. The first one is 72 & the other is 69 & still working fulltime drilling water wells. Neither of them is or ever has been a fitness or ‘health’ nut & the younger one in particular drinks like a fish,eats a high fat diet with few vegetables in it, & considers walking from the house to the car to be exercise. I don’t drink or smoke & exercise daily; I am going to be SOME pissed if they outlive me. However, my basic point is that this clown is definitely full of shit & we do not have to die until we are damned good & ready, regardless of who says so.

  8. That’s just stupid. A simulation isn’t the same thing as reality.

    And I as well can point to the fact that nearly all my relatives as far back as I know of have been obese or overweight, and they’ve all lived into their ’80s. Guess they were anomalies?

    And I just *love* the arrogance and condescension in “don’t say you weren’t warned.” What an ass.

  9. Amen. And an ass of the same water as our own self-styled ‘obesity expert’, Michael Fumento, who has been known to flatly state that there are no fat people over FIFTY, because we all either get in shape before that or die. Sorry, Mikey, not even close to true.

    And Sandy’s latest post addresses more of the reasons for what SEEM to be discrepancies in health outcomes/ life expectancy for fat people…the frequent lack of medical care or the poor quality of it, misdiagnosis, & mistreatment in many cases.

    Yes, “don’t say you weren’t warned” has to be one of the great asshole fat bigot remarks of all time.

  10. mccn permalink

    I agree with one of the above – it’s a “simulation” – which means, no real people were involved. That’s why they couldn’t see those super-skinny dead folks!

  11. tanaudel permalink

    “Mmmmmm impending doom tastes just like pizza and red velvet cake.”
    Good to know 🙂

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