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I’m doing Science and I’m Still Alive

September 1, 2008

Okay, I’m not really doing Science.  I went on vacation.  I just wanted to post and say that I remain in the land of the living. If you’re curious about where I have been…. well…

My parents took us down to Disney World last week for 5 days!! Weee!

Let me just say that Disney World remains awesome.  It seems to be one of the most fat friendly places on earth.  (Your experiences may vary….)  I was a little squished on some of the rides, but there was only 1 where I had trouble with the safety restraints, and that ride was SO not worth the 1.2 hour wait.  (Kali Rapids in animal kingdom, pass on this one, Splash Mountain is 1000X better.)

I was able to go on everything else, from the AWESOME Mission: Space (which simulates take off in a spaceship, seriously cool.) to the Aerosmith Ride (0-60 in under 4 seconds.) to Peter Pan’s adventure thingy.

In typical “My family Vacation” fashion, on the last day mom sprained her ankle.  (While driving a scooter!  This is why driving without depth perception is a BAD idea people!)  She had to go to the emergency room because that ankle is all messed up and there was no way to tell if it was a fracture or a sprain without an X-ray.  But the Disney people were very “please don’t sue us” and that was nice to watch.

Anyway, so that’s about as exciting as it gets.

Oh, today I had brunch at the SOfitel!  I, sadly, do NOT recommend.  I could not fit in their barstools, and their regular chairs wer enot much better.  And they didn’t have any chairs without extremely sturdy metal arms.  It was unpleasant to have to ask for a different table because of my big ass.  But I’m never going back there again, so I guess that will be more unpleasant for them.  (The food was okay, grapefruit with apricote compote yum, eggs, normal.)

I may not be posting much for the next month or so, I am in rehearsals for Pirates of Penzance (Chorus.)  The shows are in early October.  Work will also be much busier as we get closer to the holidays.

Anyway, happy Labour Day folks!

(Oh and let me just say, Sarah Palin? Srlsy?  I have never felt so fricking pandered to in my entire life!   And I thought Harriet Miers was low.)


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  1. Sorry to hear about your mom’s ankle, but glad you had a great time otherwise. I absolutely love Disney World. I also find it really useful to hear when people find someplace fat-friendly or -unfriendly, so thanks.

    Second your remark about Palin. He has got to be kidding.

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