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Guilt Squared: Lose for Good

October 6, 2008

So, just in case dieting wasn’t already a horrible guilt ridden process, lets add a new element shall we?

Weight watchers is doing a new “lose for good” campaign. For every pound of weight one of their clients loses they are donating a pound of food to hungry people. (Check the video, woo multiculturalism.)

That’s right, because we have too MANY pounds, we should lose them and then give them to other people! Why not cut out the middle man and just cut the fat off and ship it overseas?

Seriously though like dieters need an extra dose of guilt. NOt only are you a fat fat fat fatty, you aren’t Saving LIves by starving yourself enough!

So on the off chance that anyone reading this is even remotely considering weight watchers. Save the money and donate it to a good cause. (I like Heifer International.)


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  1. I think the verbiage in the commercials says something to the effect of “For every pound lost, we’ll donate a pound of food to people who need it” Emphasis mine. That last bit really underscores the whole “Hey, fatty, you don’t need that food, so why not give it to people who are genuinely starving” underlying message.

  2. Oh wow. This is mind-boggling.

  3. Godless Heathen permalink

    Great, what happens if you’re needy and fat? Oh right, fat people are never too poor to buy food. *eyeroll*

    I do like your example, of spending “diet food” money on giving people actual help, a nice demonstration of how dieting is a luxury. I’m also just a big raving fan of Heifer International.

  4. ladyjaye75 permalink

    It doesn’t even have to be an international organization, could be as direct as the local food bank, especially at this time of year (here in Montreal, Sun Youth recently sent a distress signal to the media, pointing out that their food banks are the lowest they’ve been in years…).

  5. I’m sure those who scrape by on less than subsistance will be glad to know that their existence is validated by helping those who have so much more,it’s terrible to suffer for nothing.

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