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Lane Bryant, wherefore art thou Killing me?

October 9, 2008

So last weekend in my neverending quest for a costume for my show.  (Okay not neverending I found something at Kohls) I decided to stop by Lane Bryant.  My last pair of jeans just bit the bucket and it was TIME.  (Plus my dog is consuming my underwear at an alarming rate.  /sigh) 

So I bought one pair of grey slacks, and one pair of right size jeans.  (This was Sunday. )  As of today, the slacks have no buttons on them and the jeans have a rip down the seam of the inner thigh.

Uhm.  What the hell man?  What the hell?  I took all the tags off so I don’t even know if I can return this stuff now.  Also, the jeans split in the EXACT same place as my old jeans.  I can’t help but be a little… well… suspicious of that.  (I got a bigger size even this time to make sure I wasn’t the one splitting them, and I have plenty of room so I know it isn’t ME!)

So yeah.  Lane Bryant?  What’s the deal?  I mean I want a pair of jeans that fit right, but…. they need to last longer than it takes me to walk my dog.  I mean really. 

This week sucks.  Anyone else feeling that?


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  1. Mari permalink

    I would try TJ Maxx or AJ Wright. They have great jeans that are reasonably priced and they should last you a long time. I don’t really shop at Lane Bryant anymore because of the fact that their clothes really aren’t that fashionable and I can find better stuff online. Good luck!

  2. I really liked the Right Fit jeans at first, but after a few washings, they seemed really dull and the fabric seemed to be wearing. Plus, I hated how they stretched so unbelievably throughout the day so that they were too loose by night.

    You know, I actually found a couple pairs of pants at Wal-Mart that I like much better than the double-priced Lane Bryant brand.

  3. I used to shop at Lane Bryant but am doing so less and less these days. Of all places I found that I really love Plus-sized Mossimo jeans from Target. I need to replace them as I’ve been wearing them for a couple years now and they are getting a little stretched and the fabric is thinning. For $26 I can’t complain!

    Every pair of pants or skirts that I’ve purchased from Lane Bryant – the buttons have come off. Every. Single. Piece. It is ridiculous!

  4. Cree permalink

    Dude, that is completely unacceptable. You should go back and /demand/ your money refunded. I don’t normally insist on demanding anything, but paying good money only to have things fall apart after a few days is unjust! Like, just because we’re fat chicks means we won’t require high quality garments.

  5. Gillian permalink

    I know this is OT but it’s awesome to see correct use of “wherefore” on the internet!

  6. As far as returning or exchanging them, they absolutely should take them back as long as you have your receipt–or even if one of the girls remembers you. I used to work there and had customers in a similar situation; I’ve also been the customer in that situation. Sometimes the sales girls won’t know and will say no, so ask for a manager if you need to.

    Also, I don’t know where in Chicago you are, but if the outlets in Aurora are convenient for you, you might try the Lane Bryant Outlet there–they still carry the old flare/bootcut/classic jeans, which I personally think hold up better than the Right Fits. Cheaper too. 🙂

  7. Dolia permalink

    That exact same thing happened to me with 2 pairs of Evans Jeans of the same model (split down the centre front thigh on first wearing), and a pair of trousers. I was too scared of possible altercations and having it implied that it was my fat fault to take them back. Evans staff in the UK seem mostly indifferent to plus size sensitivities.

  8. Dolia permalink

    …needless to say, I don’t shop at Evans anymore – though I always resented having to in the first place, because their aesthetic is so “we’ll clothe you in polyester and fluffy frilly butterfly sacks, but don’t expect us to like it!” I’m sewing more of my own clothes now. Had to get off my arse and learn.

  9. Zee permalink

    Yeah. Lane Bryant sucks so hard. I never pay full price for their stuff anymore. The Seven line that LB used to sell is at Burlington Coat Factory though. I loved those jeans!

  10. Godless Heathen permalink

    I’ve had the best luck overall with Just My Size jeans, they seem to not over-stretch and they are very hard wearing. I’d get the dark denim again though, if I could, because the washed denim fades to a miserable looking dingy blue. Of course, they no longer sell them off the rack at my local Wal-Mart, so now I have to try shopping online for them. Wal-Mart’s house brand is a complete loser for me, most locations don’t even carry talls, which I need for the longer waist section.

  11. Thanks PurpleGirl, I really liked the non right fit jeans better in terms of fit. (even if my ass occasionally hung out.) I will make a trip out to Aurora, once I aquire a non broken pair of pants to wear Shopping. (Sad..)

  12. Bree permalink

    I have two pairs of Right Fit (one in dark denim, which fit me like a dream and so far, no problems) and the black dressier work pants. LB is really hit or miss these days, and I’ve been finding that their outlets are a lot better, in terms of clothes that don’t make you look like a great-grandma at a Friday night bingo, and their prices are more suited to this fat chick, who lives paycheck to paycheck.

    I do wish their buyers would stop with the loud geometric prints on their tunics, and remember solids are not the enemy.

  13. downcastmysoul permalink

    The staff at Lane Bryant is RUDE!!! I haven’t gotten anything there in years because they act like they have a “captive audience” and can do what the hell they want. Well, no more, plus size is being sold all over. I also am not nuts about Rainbow plus size clothes since the quality seems off. Target seems the best. KMart and Wal-Mart sell plus size but Target’s clothes are discount store cheap with dept store style.

  14. Dude, that is some shoddy workmanship. The same thing happened to me twice last winter.. I bought this awesome black velvet jacket at LB, 2nd time wearing it, it split up the elbow. I took with back w/ my receipt, exchanged it for a new one… same exact thing. Returned it AGAIN and washed my hands of the mess.
    They’ll absolutely take back the jeans. Say that they’re defective, it happened the very first time you wore them, you’re so bummed out, etc etc. You should have no problem.
    I also think that with a physical return, you’re giving them feedback that’s hard to ignore. Stores definitely keep track of what sells well, what’s being returned, what’s falling apart, etc. I remember working retail myself, many moons ago, and having to fill out those deeetailed return tags to ship back with the returned clothes. I can’t believe that info is going nowhere.
    And YES, this week did suck.

  15. JOy! I’m sorry about your jacket, that would be very disappointing. What’s with the total crap merchandise? I already sent an angry letter, but I’ve been SO busy I haven’t gotten to the actual physical store yet. (Someone needs to invent teleportation STAT.)

    Here’s hoping this week is better!

  16. I hate Lane Bryant’s shoddy merchandise. Their pants split their seams, buttons come off (frequently at the first wearing), cuffs of 3/4 length and short sleeves fray and split… I ONLY buys LB stuff on clearance, and assume I’m going to have to resew buttons and stitch up seams. It’s incredibly frustrating to purchase new clothing knowing GOING IN that there will be construction problems while the clothing is still new. I’ve had better results with clothing from The Avenue; including that a lot of time their material seems to be better quality.

    I’m a size 22/24 and have never found clothing that even came close to fitting at Target. Even the stuff MARKED 22/24 (or higher, if they had higher) was so small that the pants wouldn’t even come close to buttoning up.

  17. Jamie permalink

    Ladies, DO NOT SHOP AT LANE BRYANT ANYMORE!!!!!. I was a manager at Lane Bryant and let me tell you about the right fit jeans, they are really not flattering. They try to get in your head about the new sizing because a size 3 sounds better than a 22 to some women, but the company knows that smart people like yourself have options and have not been satisfied. Lane Bryant is such a mess right now because they cannot even figure out what to buy for customers, what to sell and what to put on sale. Imagine, the buyers of the company are all size 10 and below,the president is a male, everyone who are higher up’s are all size 8 and below ; that is why you get a selection of short sleeve, no sleeve tops and bottoms that would not work for specific body types.You cannot trust a company that is run by people who cannot possibly understand a plus size womans needs. The manniquines look great but they are pinned 5 times from behind to make it look that way. If you want to find great clothes at reasonable prices, shop at Marshalls, Kholes, JC penny, and even online. If you do decide to shop at Lane Bryant, PLEASE !!!! ladies do not even think about buying anything at regular price; Ask a manager for a coupon, they HAVE to honor any current coupons.

    • Kat permalink

      To Jamie:

      You must have been a crappy manager if that is how you feel. I have been a manager at a LB store for years now. The feelings about a store are a direct result of the employees who work there. At our store, we have a solid customer base of repeat customers (many who spend $500+/month at our location. We always get excellent feedback on our customer service and product. You are also misinformed about the sizing of the Right Fit jeans. The Right Fits are sized 1-10 because it would be impossible to have a size 22 fit the exact same in all three body fits. The reasoning behind the sizing is just that. The company didn’t want people trying to compare their current size (14-28) to the new jeans, only to be disappointed that they can’t fit into them the same. The president may be a male, but he also was the president of Cache and did excellent things for that FEMALE clothing store. As far as the upper management (District Managers, Regional Managers, etc), I guess I really don’t know where you come off saying they are all size 8’s. The majority of those I have met (which are many) are at least size 14. Regardless of their sizes, they all work for the company for one reason, to help plus size women have a place they can buy a variety of clothing. They’re not going to purposefully pick out ugly clothing to sell… how would that benefit them? It wouldn’t. In regard to the coupon… we are not required to hand out coupons to customers without them. If a customer tells me she left her coupon at home and can tell me what it was for, I always honor it to keep her from having to drive home and return at a later time. But, I am under no obligation to start handing out coupons left and right. If that were the case, what would be the point in having coupons? Good thing you don’t work for the company anymore. Clearly you don’t have plus size women in mind. If you did, you would backup a company that has been supplying plus sized women with clothing for decades. Oh, and by the way, I’m a size 8, and that doesn’t change the way I feel about our customers one bit. I want them to look good in their selections just as much as they want to look good. I care about my customers, my company, and my job.

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