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Pink with rage

November 3, 2008

That’s right. PINK

Seriously?  Was Blue just too garrish?

Seriously? Was Blue just too garrish?

I saw some women wearing these on the Bear’s Game yesterday and  my boyfriend completely failed to talk me down. (to borrow a phrase from Rachel Maddow (crush!!) )

Why the FUCK are there pink football jerseys? Why?

I mean, I know why, girls like pink right? Lets give them some pink footbally stuff so they can advertise their vagina at the same time they advertise their sports fandom. Pink jersey’s are great they say “I like football enough to let you explain it to me and to know who Devon Hester is, but y’know, not so much that I’m a guy, or enough to wear icky dark blue!”

Mr. I failed to talk me down by pointing out that the women wearing these pink jerseys were capable of making decisions about what they wear. And he is correct. I respect the right of women to wear pink if they so choose. Though I doubt I would ever be friends with the type of woman who thinks a football jersey is just so much better if it comes in pink.

I don’t know why this riles me up so much. I guess it wouldn’t bother me if Bear’s jerseys also came in black, purple, green and whatever other color one might find more flattering than blue and orange. It’s the pandering to “vagina- americans” that irks me.

And now you may ask yourself, why is Shinobi posting about pink football jerseys on the eve of the most important election to take place so far in her lifetime? I will anticipate this and tell you that I just can’t think about it anymore. I’m getting up at 5:30 tomorrow to go vote and until tomorrow evening I am going to try to live in the moment and find other more trivial things to get riled about.


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  1. TateyBonetto permalink

    Take a deep breath…and relax.

  2. There are pink Bengals jerseys, too, but I think some of them might donate portions of the proceeds to breast cancer research, hence the pink.

  3. John permalink

    God you’re a bitch.

  4. Rachel I thought perhaps that was the case, but looking on the web there are lots of places where you can buy them and not a lot of mentions of Breast Cancer research. So that may be true of some, but definitely not all.

  5. Eh, personally I don’t see a big problem with the pink. It’s just a color and while women historically prefer pink than do men, colors themselves are neither inherently male or female. Isn’t insisting that pink jerseys as reinforcing traditional gender roles in itself, kind of reinforcing gender roles? And I doubt reinforcing gender roles is really the goal here; it’s more about marketing and $$$. I’m no fan of football or even the color pink, but if I were a Bengals fan, I’d much prefer a pink jersey over the team’s colors of orange and black simply because I like pink better than the team’s color combo.

  6. JupiterPluvius permalink

    women historically prefer pink than do men

    That’s pretty recent: until the 20th century, blue was the “girls'” color, and pink was the “boys'” color.

  7. You are mat because attractive, non obese women were able to purchase jerseys in a color of their choosing and you, being fat and unattractive, used it as a reason to hate on them. Damn them for enjoying sports in a manner that suits them. Damn them for being feminine. Damn them for the fact that you are built like a football player not a woman. They have NO RIGHT to enjoy athletics in a way that they enjoy and find aesthetically pleasing. They may purchase their clothing in colors dictated by militant obese people or go naked.

  8. I was rooting for the Lions (yes, that is a sad state of existence) but I agree with you about the pink jerseys. Don’t like ’em.

  9. Bree permalink

    I don’t have to worry about that. I live in Maryland, and the Baltimore Ravens colors are purple, black, and white. And our male fans sport the purple proudly.

  10. Rachel, The whole point of a jersey is that it is in the team’s colors, not necessarily colors that you like. I get that it’s about marketing. But if we’re going to make jerseys in colours people actually like then can I get a black and gold Ram’s jersey up in here? or maybe any colors other than blue and orange (or pink) for a Bear’s jersey?

    I mean don’t get me wrong, you want to wear pink to a game, wear pink to a game, I do not care what colors people wear. It’s just that the whole freaking POINT of a jersey is that it is the Team’s Colors, not whatever color you happen to like.

    Also, Tara,
    The sports clothing colours are dictated by the athletic association, not by this fat girl. OR everyone would be wearing variations on black, red, purple, and maybe silver. I may have mentioned this before, but Go Fuck Yourself.

  11. I tell everyone that I do not wear pink because it detracts from my hair. I much prefer to set off dark red hair with cool tones like greens and blues, or black. But secretly, I despise pink because it is supposed to be something that, by virtue of having a vagina, I like. Sorry. The tools in my toolbox are Craftsman in silver and black and red, my stand mixer is a utilitarian grey, and I don’t own a single pink garment. I am not cutesy. I am not second-class, I am not “adjusted for a smaller hand.”

  12. I sort of like pink (although there are better colours) because it happens to suit me, but I don’t get this either. If you want to wear pink, wear pink. If you want to support your team … wear your team’s colours? I’m annoyed with the whole pink=female thing anyway. I do not like pink because I’m female. In fact I only started to like it very recently when I finally managed to look past the stereotypes that are attached to it.

  13. Patrick permalink

    Lose weight.

  14. ladyjaye permalink

    The pink “girly” jersey thing is a recent trend in pro sports marketing. I’ve seen it around for the past few years for NHL jerseys, so I’m not surprised that it also appears in NFL jerseys. They’re ok, but I’m all for using the real team colors anyways (not that there isn’t choice — I dunno about the NFL, but in pro hockey, teams have been using occasional third jerseys, either retro or different color scheme, in order to sell more licensed merchandise).

  15. well.

    this is interesting.
    and rather ridiculous.

    If someone wants to wear a football jersey, they should wear the right bloody colors.

    end of story.

    Now, if someone wants to start a football team with the color pink being the main color…well…good luck finding players.

  16. I bet that if an established team changed one of their colors to pink, there would be some initial griping and then hordes of men painted pink on gameday. The whole point of the jersey is to support your team.

  17. Actually, I think if a team changed their colors to pink, a bunch of guys would be opposed. I mean, I’ve never seen a single sports team with pink as its colors. It’s not seen as “masculine,” so it doesn’t uphold the competitive (ergo, masculine) nature of sports. Pink is the color that women wear to look cute and non-competitive, even if they enjoy watching the game. It’s like they’re trying to prove their femininity to people who might be confused over their liking something masculine. I agree shinobi; you don’t see guys wearing pink jerseys so it seems kind of annoying when women insist on wearing them over team colors.

  18. Pudgy permalink

    I don’t know. I think that its a personal choice, I am very overweight and a girly girl, and while I would not at present fit into the pink hockey jerseys they put out (at least I don’t think so) . But when I do get down to a lower weight and can fit into cute things, I do hope they have girl cut jerseys in team colors available as a choice, because that is what I would rather wear. But I might get a pink one too if I felt like it, but that one would probably be for lounging around the house, with matching grey team logo’d sweats. (Yes I surf the NHL store a LOT but never order anything!)

  19. whatwouldvirginiado permalink

    How can you even tell what team the pink jersey is? The whole point of wearing the team strip is that people can see what team you support: the pink jersey makes me think that all women are automatically on Team Girl and so excluded from any real participation in sport fandom.

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