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A Collection of Thoughts

November 7, 2008

I’m doing NaNoWriMo so I’m trying to spend time writing my novel and not blog posts. But no one will ever read my novel, and at least 4 people will read my blog posts, so I caved. Anyway, here are a collection of things I have been thinking about.

1. This video at illdoctrine via feministing made me all teary. Yay!

2. I went to the doctor and got my labs back and I’m perfectly healthy. I have so far resisted the temptation to send a copy to certain individuals who are sure I’m going to drop dead of Teh FatZ at any second. My cholesterol is even very good! Yay me.

3. I’ve gotten at least 3 “invites” from friends to join these groups where they shop for you and send you notifications of things on sale that are in your size. The thing is, they list all these designer brands that DON”T COME IN MY SIZE. And Honestly I don’t even know which brands do because I haven’t been shopping in forever. It doesn’t look like they are monitoring Igigi or any of the other sites I shop on. The only thing that would apply to me is Lane Bryant, which I get enough e-mails about already. And of course there is no “Anything in an X size option.” I know my friends sent it to be nice but it was just a reminder that I both have no money, and if I did there isn’t anywhere I could buy clothes anyway.

4. It is Friday and I’m going out for amazing Margaritas and then to smoke Hookah tonight. I cannot wait!


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  1. I got a Bare Essentials catalog a couple of days ago and was actually kind of excited, since I’m really happy with the Wacoal bras I bought from them earlier this year. Then I started looking through the catalog and realized that hunting for things that came in my size would be a nightmare, so into the recycling bin it went.

  2. That sucks.. I got a catalog I really like from a friend, the pyramid collection ist is called (very goth/renfaire geek stuff). But whatever, it does have some stuff in my size but only about a third, and It is so heartbreaking to fall in love with an outfit and then not be able to buy it!

  3. The clothing thing is sucky.
    The video is inspiring!

    Enjoy the margarita’s!

  4. April D permalink

    I keep caving and writing posts instead of NaNoWriMo too. I should get back on that with the day off but my crotchet is also calling me and that doesn’t require any brain cells 😉

  5. JupiterPluvius permalink

    The thing about Bare Necessities (I assume that’s what you mean) is that it’s so much easier to shop on the website than on the catalogue.

  6. Yes, apparently my labs are all okay too. I will post about them when I get the printout (it’s being mailed to me).

  7. Hi five for healthy fatties!

  8. I love illdoctrine. And the vid was so awesome… *Gushes* 🙂

  9. Wicked permalink

    If you live in the Boston area, there is a chain of lingerie stores called “Lady Grace” that has pretty much all their bras in their catalogue, and they have very hard to find sizes, and a lot of them. Actually, thinking on it, if you had the catalogue, they’d probably mail you the bras no matter where you live. But I do highly recommend them, and if you do in fact live near here, go there to get fitted if you can. I’ve been to three of their stores and every one had very nice and knowledgable staff. Not just one or two nice saleswomen, I mean, the whole damn lot of them are wonderful.

    Congrats on your labs!

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