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IMs On Feminism

January 12, 2009

All stuff that has been IMed to me about feminism today, and so the FSM has decreed that there shall be a post.  And there was.  And it was… well… alright

The first is an article about a gender studies student who is auctioning her virginity. My response, wish I’d thought of it.  And I am surprised that it is fetching so high a price, since it is not as highly valued anymore.  Perhaps the psychological value of “deflowering” persists even in the west, where there is no reproductive or marital excuse for the forced celibacy of women.  Part of me almost wishes this would become a trend to emphasize just how much people are willing to pay for something with absolutely no intrinsic value.   (I don’t know if that would actually work, but y’know, increased supply would certainly lower the price.)

Second, or the most infuriating is a “friend” of mine’s comments to Mr. I.  I do not talk to this girl, and that is probably for the best.  She attends a christian college and a local community college on and off, for reasons I don’t fully understand.  She is, to use a term I don’t really like, a tease.  She flirts and makes friends with boys, and then holds their hands and dithers about whether or not to actually date them.  I don’t hold to the idea of a tease as being a girl who is just nice to men or who dresses attractively.   However her behavior is more like a 16 year old girl who is about to start a relationship with a guy, except it goes on for months, and nothing is ever consummated or decided.  Fortunately some of these guys give up on her eventually.

So today she’s found a new victim, and here I will relate Mr. I and my conversation:

MrI: Unrelated: interviewed cute, SINGLE boy for speech class. Might have found someone to carry my books. Yay!
[13:14] MrI: gah
[13:34] Shinobi: What?
[13:34] Shinobi: why were you interviewing single boys?
[13:34] MrI: thats something that skirts IM’ed me
[13:35] Shinobi: blech
[13:35] Shinobi: carry her books?
[13:35] Shinobi : It’s like feminism never even happend sometiems
[13:39] MrI: Skirts:  I *still* can’t believe how many guys here don’t open doors for girls.
Screw feminism.  I like chivalry.

[13:42] Shinobi: ………*brain explodes*
[13:43] MrI: I informed her that it is very possible to have both
[13:44] MrI: but apparently that isn’t true

DUH!  I mean it wont work if people just open doors for the people behind them out of common freaking courtesy, people should open doors for other people as long as those other people have vaginas.  (Don’t open doors for people with the same genetalia as you, that’s how you get TEH GAY!)

To be honest, sometimes the whole ladies first thing makes it easier, just to decide who goes through the freaking door.  (Though I really prefer being last, it is weird for me to be walking in front of my coworkers.)  And then there is the whole “you go first so I can look at your ass” issue.  Not a problem for me, but I’m sure some ladies get doors opened for them much more often than others.

However to the point.  It is so frustrating for me sometimes that there are still women on this planet who buy into all this misogyinistic crap.  And I know, I know they have a right to their preferences, they have a right to prefer being coddled and treated like a sex object.  I mean, I get that, I like to be coddled and treated like a sex object from time to time, but when I’m over it, I am OVER IT.

I want people to respect my opinions, I want rights, I want to be educated, I want the same respect that one would give any man of my age and qualifications.  (Y’know, not a LOT of respect, just enough respect for an upstart 26 year old with half a brain.)

But every time some bitch who treats men like crap whines about how they don’t open the door for her enough, it hurts me.  It hurts my right to be treated like an equal, and it gives more fuel to the fire of the MRA’s.  So it’s not just harmless that she wants to be adored on command by her army of worshipful eunuchs, and it fucking pisses me off.

On a brighter note, I just had a nice IM discussion with my old roommate about the above remarks.  He is thinking about getting a degree in Women’s Studies, and possibly using what he learns from that in his future film career.  And that is just freaking awesome.


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  1. RoundShape permalink

    Why not just drop all the misogyny crap? It’s an old line. It’s so annoying to listen to women babble on about it. God, just shut up.

  2. Personally I like it when men open doors for me (as well as other similar stuff), and I don’t see that as limiting my rights or anything, so I really cannot agree with you on that point. I don’t expect any man to open a door for me and I don’t mind it when they don’t, but it’s absolutely a plus when they do. I don’t really connect this with feminism, personally. I want to get the cake and eat it too, sort of.

    I do agree that it’s silly to complain about men not opening doors, as well as getting guys to carry her books, though.

  3. tara permalink

    “He is thinking about getting a degree in Women’s Studies, and possibly using what he learns from that in his future film career.”

    Wow. He is smart enough to chose both a course of study and a profession that will ensure that he will never be financially stable. Smart guy.

  4. nerdalesca permalink

    “…I mean, I get that, I like to be coddled and treated like a sex object from time to time, but when I’m over it, I am OVER IT…”

    Thankyou! I was trying to explain this to my (male) housemate, because he made the sensible arguement that being treated like a sex object is still not really a good thing. But my point is, people look at me and see a fat girl, and look past me. Sometimes people engage with me, and decide that they can like me “despite” my looks. And then, even fewer, are the people who look at me, and think I’m attractive for being who I am.

    So the few occasions that someone flirts and coddles me, I lap it up. Sometimes feminism needs to be put aside for an ego boost, and that’s okay (provided you don’t overdo it of course)

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