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The Flu and HAES

February 9, 2009

I’m still recovering from a trip to Las Vegas (Where i managed NOT to get married)  qucikly followed by the shittiest birthday EVAH.  And I mean shitty in the most literal way possible.  I immediately caught the flu from my boyfriend on my return home.

I barely managed to make it off the purple line Thursday night before… well… lets just say if you needed a trash can at the armitage stop, I”m sorry. And that was only the beginning.  Friday was my birthday and I think I graduated to saltines before the end of the day.  Woo hoo.

The HAES  silver lining is that now that I actually can eat solid food, my body is sending much clearer messages about the kind of solid food it wants.  Apples yes thank you, soda, please no.  I don’t now how long it will last, but it is really nice to actually be able to hear what my body is saying for a change. I feel like so often it is confounded by random things like, oh, what food is actually available, or what is conveineint for me, or even worse, what my boyfriend is eating.

But last night at whole foods it was very clear about my need for apples and bananas.  NOM, and today at minnies it rejected the idea of french fries whole cloth.

I don’t recommend the flu as a way to get more in touch with your body’s wants and needs obviously.

And of course there is the insidious diet monster.  As if all the TV ads right now weren’t enough that annoying voice in my head now says “Hey maybe you’ve lost some weight not eating for three days.”  I have been feeling particularly unhealthy lately, winter has been so brutal that I’ve hardly done any physical activity.  I tried to order a thai chi DVD and accidentally shipped it to my old address.  (I have to post a picture of the new construction there, it is exactly like a Tim Burton set without the whimsy.)

Well I’m hoping that this will lead to a healthy eating kick so I will feel less like crap.  I’m not optimistic about it.

More posts in the works soon!


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  1. I’m still recovering from a trip to Las Vegas (Where i managed NOT to get married)

    Oh, give it time. The first two times Al and I went to Vegas, everyone asked if we were going to come back married. We didn’t. Last time, nobody asked, and guess what!

    Seriously, so sorry to hear about the illness. And the diet monster. Feel better soon!

    • Actually I didn’t take my boyfriend, which makes the whole not getting married thing much easier it turns out. hehe It was a family trip in honor of my sister’s b-day. Oh the fun.

      I’m feeling a much better, thanks!!

  2. Wicked permalink

    Feel better soon! And the Diet Monster can kiss my Irish butt. And you may tell it I said that.

  3. Hey,

    I had something similar last year. I had the worst illness of my life – the Flu of Doom – last January. And I ended up losing about 15 lbs over it. And everyone was congratulating me. But I felt like crap, and I ended up being really glad to gain the weight back, because it coincided so much with feeling less like crap. So anyway – don’t let that get to you, people will inevitably be all “Ooh good for you” and then it’s sort of fun to counter them with “Actually, no. Bad for me. I can’t wait til I’m healthy enough that my body goes back to its normal size.”

    But what I meant to say is, yes, that silver lining about illness making it easier to hear what you body needs – I found that that stayed, for the most part. I’m not perfect about listening to it, but who is? I definitely got better at hearing it, though. So, on that – good for you! 😀

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