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ATTN Facebook, this Poll Sucks

February 24, 2009

I’m sorry, I just can’t let it go.  I cannot walk by this terribly formulated question and not rant about it.  I looked for someone at facebook to angrily e-mail about how stupid someone is, but I couldn’t find it.  Instead I will change my status and post on my wordpress blog and hope that someone from facebook stumbles across it and then e-mails it to whoever wrote this poll because they are an idiot.
I was excited, logging in to facebook to dredge up some hilarious googling I did yesterday for a comment on FJ’s post.

Who do you believe is doing a better job handling the economy?
President Obama
New Congress

Uhm, where to begin. How about you ask me who is doing a better job and then you allow me to not make a choice?  I can say that neither one of them is doing a better job than the other?  Does this mean they are both equally bad?  Or Equally Good?

And what about both?  How can two groups both be doing a better job that the other group?  Does that mean they are both somehow improving on the other’s work, but not better in a wholistic sense?

Not to mention this poll looks at two groups that aren’t exactly in opposition to eachother.  The New Congress, for the most part is the same party as the new president.  What about congressional Democrats vs. congressional republicans?  They clearly have different agendas here.  What about other government officials?  For example republican governors who are refusing stimulus money and telling their constituents that they will “pray for them.”

Obviously this poll is not scientific for a billion other reasons like it is only administrated to facebook users, who knows what kind of sample they are getting.  What are they even using it for?  Is it just some dumb applet?

All I know is, when I read this question I wished that there was a “Fuck whoever wrote this question” option.

Facebook if you are conducting any more polls you should know that I am available at an hourly rate.  Please do not let the  moron who wrote that question write any more, my blood pressure can’t take it.


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  1. Wicked permalink

    And the other thing is, let the guy be in office a little more than a month. He’s a man, not a miracle worker.

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