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My Retail Therapy

March 11, 2009

So I’ve been really down lately.   I had the worst Flu I’ve ever had Ever on my Birthday last monght.  And there was some exciting stuff that was supposed to happen for me, and then didn’t work out because of the economy.  This has all added to my already sun deprived whineyness.   Even a sudden influx of cash did not cheer me up.

I feel like I’ve been stuck inside for months and to be honest, I have no desire to change that, it is freaking cold.  (And wet, though it is wet inside too as my basement flooded over the weekend.  Thanks Weather!  That was Fun!!)  On Monday I tried to rescue a stray dog I found, hurt  my back lifting him in and out of the car, and then he ran away from us overnight before I could find his owners.   And somehow, I feel guilty about this, thanks Catholic church!

So with my cash, I bought some things to cheer me up.  Here is what I got in the mail yesterday:

1. Health At Every Size by Dr. Linda Bacon

I started this on the train this morning.  I’m excited about it, I’ve actually learned a lot about how my body works even from the first few paragraphs.  I guess for some people who’ve studied nutrition etc, it might be review, but it is easy to read and I’m enjoying it.  I will post a full review when I am done.

2. New Koss Headphones

These are to go with the iPod nano that my Dad recently donated to my cause.  He apparently got it for free from Penthouse…because it says Penthouse down the side.  I have decided to just not say anything about it.  I have a big iPod but it does not like going on walks with the dog, so now I have a mini dog walking iPod.  Now the weather just needs to help motivate me.

3.  Sunrise Tai Chi

I did my first 20 minute workout this morning.  It is mostly stretches and some weird cardio.  With bonus, Squats.  I cannot actually squat because of a condition I have with the tendons in my legs, so we’ll have to see how this goes.  (I essentially walk on my toes most of the time, I’m working on it, but there is a limit and that limit is pretty much bending my knees very far with my feet flat.)  But it was refreshing, and relaxing, and there is a lot of content on this DVD.  I hope that I will learn something from it as I get more familiar with it.

I think I might buy a new purse soon too.  Y’know, to stimulate the economy.


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