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Speechless on Ageism

March 25, 2009

How did I not realize any of this before?  (via Echidne )


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  1. I was similarly annoyed when…oh darn, I’ve forgotten the name of that Kevin Kline biopic of Cole Porter. Anyway, that one. Cole Porter’s wife was eight years his senior. In the film, the role went to Ashley Judd who was some twenty years younger than Kevin Kline. Meanwhile, great actresses who were closer to his age went unconsidered for the role.

    Mind you, I am all for Ashley Judd getting roles. I think she’s a talented lady. I just think it’s appalling that someone in the actual age range of the character would be considered far too old for the part.

  2. Of the examples listed, the only one which might be justifiable is the casting of Lea Thompson to play Michael J Fox’s mother in Back to the Future. Why? Because most of Thompson’s screen time was during the 50s – during which time she was the same age as Fox’s character.

    Note also that heavy makeup was used to “age” Thompson for the few 80s shots.

  3. harveypenguin permalink

    Yeah, I was gonna say, that article had me until they mentioned Back to the Future. Of course she was his age! She spent 90% of the movie being his age!

    Also, did Sally Field ever appear with Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, or just the kid actor? Because if she didn’t, then I don’t see any problem with that. Surely she was old enough to actually be the child actor’s mother.

  4. Jen permalink

    In the scenes where Sally Field appears as grown up Forest’s mother she’s heavily aged with make up to appear as old as Forest’s mother should.

  5. And then they wonder why they can’t get women to go to the movies.

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