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Another reason to hate “defense of marriage” groups.

May 8, 2009

A post on Think Progress this afternoon is entitled:

Right-wing activist: Being gay is an ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle — like being obese.

Earlier this week, the group spoke to reporters about “traditional values,” during which time a NJCPPM associate said that being gay is “very unhealthy” — like being obese

They quote a spokesperson for the NJCPPM (New Jersey Coalition to Preserve and Protect Marriage)  as saying the following:

“It’s also a well-know[n] fact that the homosexual lifestyle or homosexual practice is very unhealthy. Government should discourage it and not elevate it to a level by calling it marriage. In an age where we worry about people being overweight and going after them and the government interfering in that, what is the government doing promoting a lifestyle that is inherently unhealthy?“

I’m just going to go ahead and state the obvious here.

Being Obese is not a “choice” or a “lifestyle” being obese is not a reflection of values, but a descriptor of the amount of adipose tissue one possesses.   Obesity can be caused by a number of factors, but ultimately, people who are obese are under no obligation to stop being obese because someone thinks it might be bad for them, nor is there compelling evidence that it is possible to permanently stop being obese in a healthy way.

Being Gay is not a “choice” or a “lifestyle” it is a sexual oreintation, being gay is not a reflection of values, but a descriptor of the gender of a person that one is attracted to.  No one knows why some people are attracted to their own gender but people who are gay are under no obligation to stop being gay just because someone thinks it might be bad for them,nor is there compelling evidence that it is possible to permanently stop being gay in a healthy way.

The “well known facts” laid out in this quote are actually theories, not completely substantiated by one jerkoff shouting them in the media.  Their validity is immaterial to my point though, we’ve debunked this here a million times.

What the Government should actually be doing for both Fat and Gay people is BUTTING THE FUCK OUT.  The government’s job is to protect our rights as individuals and make sure that we all have the same rights.   Ensuring that we all have the same rights is not promoting an agenda, a lifestyle, or whatever you want to call it, it is following the precepts laid out in the Declaration of Independance that all people are created equal.

We all have the right to be what we are, religious, athiest, gay, straight, fat, thin, brown, yellow, smoker, non-smoker  no matter how much the person next to us may hate that about us.

I will close with the following:

:: Is fat and bisexual at the NJCPPM::


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  1. Godless Heathen permalink

    Being Gay is not a “choice”

    Except for some people, it is. I choose to be queer. I choose to say “eh, why not?” It doesn’t hurt that I find women attractive, but I make a conscious choice. For a lot of people, no, it’s what they are, it’s how they were born or what they were shaped by their environment to become, but saying nobody, out of 6 billion people planet wide, chooses is absurd. It also smacks of “nobody would choose consciously to be different”. Being treated like shit by everyone in general is something nobody would choose, but we can’t control how other people are going to treat us.

    It’s alienating. It makes me feel like, should I pursue a same sex relationship after my marriage falls apart or my husband dies, what I’m doing should be called into question because it’s a choice. It makes me feel like I’d have to justify my life because I didn’t have an innate drive to like women.

    It’s not helpful. People should be free to make choices outside of what the majority does, and we should shift the language away from choice to freedom. Every time someone engages the language of choice, we lose ground. If the opposition truly doesn’t think we should have the free will to make decisions about our lives, we should force them to admit it by shifting the discourse. Bring them out into the light and see what else they don’t think we should get to decide for ourselves.

  2. Godless,
    Ultimately, you’re right, it doesn’t matter if being gay is a “choice” or not. However I still reject the idea of a “lifestyle choice.” That goes back to the whole anti gay idea of one united gay lifestyle and one united gay agenda and basically an army of cookie cutter “gays” running around decorating shit and fucking in bathrooms.

    (Not dissimilar to the army of cookie cutter “Obese” glued to their couches binging on baby doughnuts and Cheetos.)

    I would note that as someone who is bisexual the argument you’re mentioning above could also apply to me. I could be in a relationship with a woman or a man, however, for me, personally, it isn’t a matter of choice. “What shall it be today Shinobi, Penis or Vagina?” It’s more of a matter of finding a person who I want to be with regardless of their gender. I don’t think I could “decide” to date a woman just because I felt like I was in the mood for it, same for a man, it’s not about a choice, it’s about connection and chemistry and the people that I meet.

    The fact that I am attracted to and able to love people of any gender identification is a gift, in my opinion. I could certainly have “chosen” to make life easier for myself and Identify as straight or gay. But I didn’t, I decided to be true to myself, I love people, and sex, preferably with people.

  3. NotWednesday permalink

    “Except for some people, it is. I choose to be queer. I choose to say “eh, why not?” It doesn’t hurt that I find women attractive, but I make a conscious choice.”

    You chose to be with women or not, but you don’t chose whether or not you’re attracted to them. Saying that your sexuality is not a choice can look like it erases bisexuality, but it doesn’t, you’re just conflating being attracted with acting on that attraction, and they are far from the same thing. You make a conscious choice to act, but you don’t make a conscious choice to be attracted. Just like a gay person having an opposite sex marriage doesn’t make them straight, so does a bisexual person only dating opposite or same sex people not make them any less bisexual, because you have no choice whether or not you’re gay, straight, bi, asexual, or constantly flitting between them, it is all up to your biology.

    The fact that we have to talk about whether or not it is a choice is problematic, just because you can have straight attractions doesn’t mean that you should only act on them and homosexual attractions are only acceptable for people who cannot make the choice of heterosexual relationships. It’s sad, because that’s not how people work; sexuality is fluid and yes, more people are bisexual than we think and people both gay and straight do attempt for force people into a binary. However, there is no denying that your conscious choice is because of an uncontrollable biological truth, and denying it only gives credence to the people who truly believe that the only thing stopping gay people is not making the choice to date and marry opposite sex.

  4. Anoif permalink

    I typed up a big soapbox post about choice and gayness… and then re-read both responses and decided that what I had to say had been covered/was no longer relevant.

    So I leave you instead with my (funny?) immediate thought upon reading the title of this post in the fat-o-sphere:

    “Really? Like we need another one of those.”

  5. JupiterPluvius permalink

    People who identify as lesbians have, as a group, the lowest incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (which I assume is what people mean by the “unhealthy” dog-whistle) here. So this logic would suggest that folks who identify as lesbians are more “qualified” for marriage than people who identify as heterosexual.

  6. pennylane permalink

    Agreed, JupterPluvius. I do believe that being male is risk factor for health and early death. We should definitely not encourage that.

    I’m inclined to agree with the above. The comparison is worthwhile because in both cases, doesn’t really matter why/how someone got that way. Human beings deserve respect. Not much else to say.

    Other than, mind your own business. I’ll take care of my own body, thank you.

  7. Meems permalink

    The government allows us to do plenty of things that are healthy and are truly choices. Legally, we can choose to smoke, drink, bungee jump, drive cars, and, well, generally live our lives (I’m not going to get into the issues with addiction to nicotine, alcohol, adrenaline, etc. here, though). These are things we do, but not who we are. They are choices we can make, and doing any one of them may lead do premature death.

    Obesity, for the most part, is who we are. Period. It’s not a choice. Of course, we choose what to put in our mouths, but I know I don’t need to cover Kate Harding here 🙂

    Sexual activity always puts both partners at some level of risk, but, as long as everything is consensual, then the government has no need to interfere. Same goes for marriage.

    Oh, and I agree with Shinobi’s description of choice and sexual orientation. Who you are attracted to (male, female, both, neither, other…) is a matter of biology, and who you fall in love with is a matter of timing and chemistry. How you choose to embrace and express who you are, though, is all about choice.

  8. Meems permalink

    Oops. Of course, the first sentence should read:

    “The government allows us to do plenty of things that are UNhealthy and are truly choices.”

  9. The tenets of the obesity crisis lend themselves to homophobia, as well as sexism, racism and classism.

    Tell that to all the progressives, liberals and feminists who need to continue to shore them up.

  10. So, as a fat queer, I’m super-unhealthy and going to OMGDIIIIE?

    Wow, that’s good to know, since I just went to the doc yesterday and they said my low cholesterol and BP of 106/68 was super-awesome healthy.


  11. Wicked permalink

    (sarcasm font) Why yes, living in Massachusetts, where gay marriage has been legal for the past 5 years, I have noticed a definite increase in the amount of unhealthy people in this state. (sarcasm font off)

    Stupid flaming horses asses.

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