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Excuses and Excitement

June 2, 2009

I really have no excuse for why I sometimes post like three times a week, and sometimes not at all. Sometimes I just have nothing to say that other people haven’t already said a billion times before. (For example, how many different ways can we talk about how TEH AWESOME “Lessons for the Fat-O-Sphere” is? I mean, I could talk about it at length, but you’ve either already read it so you already know how awesome it is, or you’ve read someone else more articulate than me talk about how awesome it is.)

So, because I have nothing new to say this week will probably be one of those weeks where I don’t post anything at all.

Especially since THE SIMS 3 came out today!!!!!!!!!!!!



Whew. I get to pick up my copy after work, and I’m about 80% completely jazzed about it.

Unfortunately I am 20% not at all jazzed, because it seems like one of the “cool new features” in The Sims 3 is the ability to take a Fat fat fat fatty sim and make them Slim and Trim. So much for my fatopia neighborhood. I am excited about the new abilities for variety of body shape, but kindof disappointed that it seems like I’ll have to slim my sims down for them to really enjoy life.

These are just assumptions based on some of the pre game stuff I have done. Eventually I will come back to the blog and report on this issue. (Unless someone already says it better.) So yeah, updates on this issue in a couple of days after I have neglected my friends, family, pets, work and blog in favor of a video game.

In fact I fully expect that my WoW guild will be mad at me for disappearing. Sad that I will be neglecting one game for another.

There is actually a part of me that wants to throw out her computer, buy a sewing machine, and make a million skirts. And I blame JoGeek.


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  1. i found a Q&A with a sims associate producer, and he had this to say about the weight gain/loss issue in the game: source []

    Marissie asks: If you create a fat Sim, will he lose weight while you are training? Will he gravitate towards donuts and perhaps be teased by young Sims calling him “fatty fat-nose”? And how fat and ugly can we be?

    Grant Rodiek: We wanted players to be able to make their Sims incredibly skinny or much more on the chubby side of things, or everything in between (you can also change their muscle tone). Doing a strength workout will make your Sim more bulky, whereas a cardiovascular workout will make them a bit lighter. If your Sim overeats they will eventually get fatter.

    Your Sims will tend to always go back to their starting weight (out of Create-A-Sim, genetics) if you don’t workout and just let them be. As for being teased, over-eating – we deliberately didn’t want to make a comment about weight, skinny, chubby, or otherwise. Therefore, a Sim’s body-size is purely superficial and has no further impact on the game. Being teased for your weight is not something we wanted.

  2. Oh man, this really, really annoys me. I’m a long-time Sims fanatic, and was really looking forward to the new game because I saw a screenshot with a fatter sim (as we know in Sims 2, the “fat” sims are barely average-looking). I wondered why the other video I saw it in had a fat sim being changed into a thin sim, and I guess I now know why. Gah. Soooo many teenage girls plays the Sims, too, you know? That’s what’s really getting my goat about this. My youngest stepdaughter was absolutely addicted to the Sims 2 when she was thirteen. What kind of message does it send to them when all their fat sims are unhappy, and can only get happy when thinner? You should have seen this little girl fret over the details of her families, that kind of thing would really affect her! Grrrr!!!

    • rainebeaux permalink

      Gee, I was going to play an older version of the Sims sometime and work my way up, but you’re telling me that on Three I can’t be a fatty going about my (virtual) life as is? If that isn’t 30 or so kinds of suck…*insert eyeroll*

      *shaking fists* WHY WON’T YOU LET US (pixellated) FATTIES BE GREAT?! *le sigh*

      I too must invest in a sewing machine by year’s end…

  3. Oh noes. That must be the only bit of information about the game that I managed to miss somehow! I’m not sure if my computer could handle it, but I was hoping I could buy it sooner or later. I hope you find out that the slimming down is completely optional!

  4. Well don’t panic yet, I created some chubby sims, and despite improving their athletic skill considerably, they have remained on the chubby side. I am going to do more extensive research on this this weekend.

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