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Why I’m not reading anymore

July 10, 2009

Wall to wall coverage of Michael Jackson’s death has been replaced by OMG Teh Fatz0rz.

I have seen 5 unique headlines today about weight loss issues on the top of the front page:

As nation gains, ‘overweight’ is relative (Plust the same article under another title.)

Fewer Calories = Longer lives (in monkeys btw)

Tragedy inspires Georgia woman to fight childhood obesity

This article talks about a woman whose brother died of “Obesity related issues” but it doesn’t specify what those issues are.  Now I have nothing against encouraging a healthy diet and and Nutrition, especially for kids who might have trouble gaining access to information or facilities to help them do that on their own.  But the Fat = Imminent Doom tone of the article really REALLY bothers me.

There was also another article I can’t find now about how everyone in the South is fat.

No articles on the Iran protest, no articles on Matt Taibbi’s amazing Rolling Stone article on Goldman Sachs (warning, angry making, see also his response to his critics.)  And nothing yet about the recent release of informationa bout the expanded survelliance program implemented during the Bush Administration. does not report news that I care about.  Thank goodness for Google Reader.

Part of me is also considering breaking down and joining Twitter.  I can feel my self respect leaking away.


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  1. Caitlin permalink

    Dude, after Tehran I have no more issues with Twitter, because that shit can facilitate a revolution.

  2. Caitlin permalink

    (Not that I have any idea how it works.)

  3. Des permalink

    I feel the same way about right now. It especially annoys me how they have mutiple links in different places for the same articles. It’s sneaky.

  4. Hey, the Everyone Is Fat Below Masey-Dixie article was on the Time website. 🙂

  5. Hmmm… in the article about how “overweight” is relative…

    “A working paper from a group led by Mary Burke, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Massachusetts, suggested that people’s perceptions of overweight have shifted, and “normal” is now heavier than it used to be.

    Researchers used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, nationally representative surveys run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The first group was surveyed in 1988-1994, and the second was surveyed in 1999-2004.”

    Funny. No mention that BMI standards were lowered in 1997 so that some 30-35 million Americans were turned fat overnight. Maybe it’s not our self-image that has changed so much as the standards used to define them.

  6. Doug permalink

    I lost respect for CNN years ago for their sanitized news approach. When I want to find out what’s going on in the world, I go to which redirects to

    Obesity may be an issue, but the news media doesn’t tell you that eating out a lot will make you
    gain weight faster than just about anything else. The rushed US diet of burgers, fries and soda hasn’t helped our waistline and many non-fast food restaurants make their dishes taste good by putting the fat in. Stress eating and drinking can contribute to weight gain. Anyone stressed out there?

    What we could use is a little positive news. I guess celebs pill popping make better headlines.


  7. Hey Doug,
    Some of us here actually disagree about obesity being an issue.

    Thanks for the BBC recommendation though!

  8. diesel permalink

    No, I think obesity is an issue. Of course it is.

  9. Diesel, or is this doug?

    Part of what this blog and a bunch of blogs like it does is argue that obesity is in fact, not the killer that the media has made it out to be. I suggest you read some more if you’re interested in finding out about fat acceptance.

    Start here:

  10. wildcatjen permalink

    I don’t think the problem is specific to CNN…this is an MSNBC article that pissed me off:

    It wasn’t about his weight loss, it is how they handled the subject of his former body. At one point they refer to him as a “gelatinous blob”–article’s words, not his! I thought it was inappropriate.

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