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My Invisible knapsack is really heavy this week

July 17, 2009

For some reason this week there have been a lot of posts, videos, so on and so forth to remind me of my privilege.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I couldn’t find a fat white cat, so that will have to do.

Pretty much everything that Bint Alshamsa has written this week at Feministe was interesting and powerful  but this one in particular made me take stock of how much I take for granted.

This video of a woman GLUING HER EYE to blew my mind.  I had no idea this was such a big deal that there were actual products marketed for it.   Just, Wow.

And then we have pretty much every piece of coverage from the Sonja Sotomayor coverage piled on top.

Especially this argument between Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan. It was the most mind blowing thing ever to hear someone say, in earnest that white working class people are the victims of discrimination compared to other races. She was right when she said he was dating himself.

There was also Obama’s speech at the NAACP, which I haven’t watched yet, and probably a million other things going on this week.

So now I just feel really stupid for complaining about the lunch I had with my CEO early this week when 8 guys kept insisting they were going to wait for me to walk through doors.  (I mean, it’s just impractical.)

Lets hope the Beatle’s were right and that it is getting better. I know I will be trying harder to make it so.


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  1. tinafldr permalink

    The eyelid gluing is STUPID. I love being an Asian.

  2. malume permalink

    Very informative, keep up the writing.

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