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Living in an Alternate Reality

February 9, 2010

Today in articles that make you want to throw things (via skepchick) we have this article .  Warning the contents of the linked article have been shown to increase the risk of high blood pressure among fat acceptance advocates.

To begin the article starts off with a quote, a quote about the most offensive sounding diet book I have ever fucking heard of:

“If you’re fat, it’s your fault. Stop blaming food companies and diets and look in the mirror. You’re the problem. You’re the solution. Grow up, get tough and fix it.” –Steve Siebold, author of “Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People.”

That’s right people, we’re fat because we aren’t tough enough or something. Since I thought it would be great if I got NO work done this morning I looked up more about this ridiculous book, an article here gives us this info:

As one of the top-ranked motivational speakers presenting to fortune 500 companies on the topic of mental toughness, he decided to “get tough” himself. In just 12 weeks, Siebold shed 40 pounds and his waist shrunk to a size 32. Today he’s in the best shape of his life and so eager to share his success with anyone struggling to lose weight – he wrote a book about it.

Some chapters from Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People include:

Fat people see themselves as failures.
Fat people are mentally unorganized.
Fat people quit easily.
Fat people see themselves as victims.

· Fat people lack hope

It seems pretty clear to me that Seibold is confusing his own experience with self loathing and fat, for a universal experience.  Just because he was a giant loser who hated himself and was lazy and unhealth and then got fat doesn’t actually mean that that is how it works for all fat people.  Some of us were always fat.  Some of us like working out.  All of us think you are an idiot.

From the first article:

So Siebold applied his tough love approach to obesity and wrote what he called the “Fat Loser” workout. He lost the weight and says if he can do it, so can you.

From the book’s webpage:

this book pulls no punches. If you’re emotionally sensitive or easily offended, this book is NOT for you!
If you’re FAT, this book is going to rattle your cage and make your blood boil!
And it should. Get ready for a 2,000 volt cattle prod to your consciousness. If the feel good, easy way to weight loss was working, you wouldn’t be FAT!

OH I get it, I can MAGICALLY WHISK MY FAT AWAY by HATING MYSELF. This guy is obviously unaware of the fact that many fat people already hate themselves. If self hatred and abuse caused weight loss there would be no fat people.  (And lucky for us it seems like you can get both self hatred and fat from your parents!  It’s nurture AND nature!)

Btw, he’s so persecuted he must be right, he got death threats after he was on TV.  I want to be very clear, I am not threatening to kill this man, I am saying that he is wrong.  Deeply, horribly, unshakably wrong.

But I can’t do that, because Seibold is sure we’re just all stupid about our fat, or we would already have thought ourselves thin, right.  The “best” part of the article follows:

But Siebold says overweight people are living in an alternate reality. When he asked those who were at least 50 pounds overweight and married whether their size affected their sex life, 90 percent said “no,” he said.

“That’s the level of delusion we found,” he said. “These people are smart and educated but delusional. Your husband doesn’t notice? Women would say ‘he loves me.’ I’d say, ‘Of course he loves you but do you think he’s just as attracted to you as when you were thinner?’ The delusions run so thick with this topic it’s unbelievable.”

His bottom line? The thinking is the cause. “Go to your doctor, get on a good diet and then do the work and get the result. The only variable is you,” Siebold said.

All those orgasms you’re having fat people, they are all in your head.  And by fat PEOPLE I mean fat WOMEN, because everyone knows that only women are fat.  (Which is a correlary to the other thing that everyone knows, which is that no one wants to nail fat chicks. )

It is true though, to an extent, some of us are living in an alternate reality from Seibold.  An alternate reality based on science that shows that diets don’t work, and that fat is largely genetic.  Sadly, not very many people live here right now, and the entire main stream media lives in Seibold’s world.  But I like our reality better, here, we get to have orgasms.

I think this guy could be a serious contender to top Meme Roth as fatty enemy #1.

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  1. Damn. You mean all those orgasms I had last night were all in my deluded head?

    Seriously? I’ve had more and better sex as a fat woman than as a thin one.

    And considering that studies have shown that there is a 90-odd% failure rate on dieting within five years and that the effects of yoyo dieting have a direct causal link to all the diseases and conditions that correspond to fat, I think refusal to diet is the only rational response.

    This twit can bite me. Note that this is not in any way a death threat. He’s just not worth the ammo.

  2. This guy is utterly laughable. You mean all that weight I gained on Seroquel was because I had a victim complex? Huh! Who knew! Surely now that I love myself, don’t see myself as a failure, don’t see myself as a victim and am constantly optimistic and hopeful the pounds must be FLYING off.

    Oh wait, they’re not, because you can’t WISH yourself thin anymore than you can wish yourself fat.

    I wonder how his cholesterol and blood sugar are. I’m short and perfectly round yet mine is exactly where it should be for a 25 year old woman. Oh wait, maybe that’s because being fat doesn’t actually make a difference to your health! Huh! Go figure!

    I also love the idea that nobody likes fat women, therefore fat sex doesn’t happen. Let me go tell all of my past girlfriends that we weren’t actually having sex, because, you know, I was fat at the time.

  3. omg self-loathing!

    Why didn’t I think of that?

  4. Fantine permalink

    It’s pretty clear he doesn’t think anyone could possibly be attracted to a fat woman. That’s what I used to think, too, but once I finally got past that and started seeing myself for the catch I was, I got more male attention than I knew what to do with.

    He also seems to think that all fat people were once thin people who gained weight.
    Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    My body shape does affect my sex life in that there are certain positions we just can’t do, but there are plenty of ways to compensate. But Siebold probably wouldn’t want to think about that because ewww, fat women having sex, ewww! Better to just pretend it doesn’t happen.

  5. Cate permalink

    Ha ha, this guy thinks he’s on to something new with the Hate Yourself Thin Diet Plan?

    Delusional? I think this guy is the delusional one, unable or unwilling to understand that there are plenty of people attracted to fat people, or people who just don’t care about a person’s weight and instead care about their personality, sense of humor, charisma, talents, style, and so on.

    I am a fat sex worker[*]. Size 22. I guess I must be delusional about the large number of men willing to pay me $250 a hour for my attention.

    [*] I live in a country where it is legal

  6. Steve Seibold? . . . . . OH! Ok, THAT piece of mung. He’s a huckster, a Motivational Grifter, aka; Self-help Con Man. You know- “You can walk through walls and influence people with a wave of your hand!! *I* can tell you how! Buy my (expensive) book, attend my (even more expensive) workshops. Anyone stupid… I mean, dedicated enough to stick around after those can give me the rest of their money and risk their lives on some wilderness quest, or trek, or challenge. I’ll think of something exotic and exciting enough to get the Rubes to hand over their life savings when we get to that point.

    This bottom feeder cares for you and your health about as much as James Arthur Ray cared about his devotees. You know, the people that died in Jameses sweat lodge while he continued working the seminar circuit. ‘Cause Lawyers are expensive and, yah know, it’s not like he hasn’t had to do this before.

    James Ray and Steve Seibold? Same genus, same species, same slime trail? Same Organism. If approach is necessary, full bio-containment and anti-pathogen protocols are advised.

  7. silentbeep permalink

    You know this whole thing just is so pleasure-killing. This idea that all people MUST fit into what society keeps telling us is “sexually acceptable” just makes me crazy. It’s destructive for people of ALL sizes for this guy to essentially promote the message: “you must be thin to be desirable, and if you desire someone who is not thin you are a freak.” This is just another version of sexual oppression, in addition to more noxious fat oppression too.

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