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Clothing now available in “Non-Fat”

March 31, 2010

I don’t really know what CNN’s thoughts were when they published this article. As though it is somehow a REVOLUTIONARY concept to dress your body so you look less fat.  It is as if they have not watched any other TV channel in the last 10 years.

Oh I see, Charla Krupp has new book out called “Never Look Fat Again”  Because ladies, we all know, fat is the worst possible thing you can look.

And if you, like me are thinking “But… what if I AM Fat” do not despair, this CNN article has a helpful bit of advice for us:

But there is hope. She says even women size 16 or 18 can look their best if they make the right choices. Those begin with what’s under the outfits.

That’s right ladies, as long as we just “make the right choices” for instance choosing supportive shape wear “To smooth out the dreaded back fat that can ruin your appearance” or Wear long billowing sleeves to “hide fatty arms”.

I don’t generally have a problem with fashion books.  I’m not really into fashion, but some ladies could use some helpful tips.   (Clinton, Stacey, please call my Mom… PLEASE.)

But this book isn’t selling itself as a book to help you look better, ito help you put your best foot forward,  it is a book designed to help you avoid the dreaded F-A-T.

What I find particularly horrifying is the open acknowledgement that everbody has some fat. (from the book’s website)

The truth is, even if you do lose weight, and even if you commit yourself to serious exercise, you’re probably still going to have some flab. Even thin women may have hanging skin on their upper arms, tummy and tush.

SO MAKE SURE YOU HIDE IT LADIES!  We wouldn’t want our bodies to look like they might actually be FLAWED.

How many ways are there to potentially look fat, well a lot, also from the website:

The book is organized by issue, such as big bust, “muffin top + back fat,” and “Buddha belly.” While some of the topics may seem wacky at first (“Are your brows making you look fat?” and “Hiding fat with your bag”),

That’s right, thought you just wanted to make sure your skirt fit properly and was flattering, NO NO, you MUST make sure your eyebrows are shaped just so so you don’t look like a fat fat fatty.  Oh, And your bag better be big enough to hide that ass girl, or you’re going to look like you just don’t care.

Y’know maybe she has some great tips for dressing your body and looking fabulous.  But I can’t help feel like all this book does is plays on what society has taught every woman to fear, fat.  The worst possible thing you could possibly be.  (Oh except for the premise of her other book “How not to look Old.” BLECH)

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  1. Oh My God – the pictures that accompany this – those women look FINE!!! Why are people so OBSESSED with teensy, imperceptible flaws?

    I have floppy upper arms. I wear tank tops. You can SEE my floppy upper arms! Am I poisoning children? Kicking puppies? No – it’s just a shirt, people!

    But then again, I don’t really “do” fashion, so most of these “rules” are beyond me.

  2. Count me as another who commits the “sin” of wearing tank tops with fat, flabby arms. I LIKE my arms and see no reason to hide them, esp in the summer when it is too hot out. I also commit the even bigger sin of wearing halter tops *GASP* with a fatty back exposed to all the world.

    As far as I am concerned, I have no body flaws and no reason to camouflage them so the world isn’t offended by my fat bod in skimpy close 😀

  3. lifeonfats permalink

    So, if you’re above a size 18, there’s no hope for you in looking good. I obviously didn’t get the message!

  4. Patsy Nevins permalink

    It is too bad that we are all hopeless. I am not ‘into fashion’ either & wear what I like. In an article posted on my ISP’s homepage today, I believe, though I do not watch tv these days & never watch fashion-related shows, written by the guy on “What NOT To Wear”, I saw with some amusement that I wear almost all the things he stated unequivocally we are NEVER to wear, most especially t-shirts, hoodies, & some jeans which are light wash rather than dark wash, as well as (my own personal preferences), what today are called skinny jeans, because I have a strong preference for jeans with narrow ankles & fairly slim legs, at least partially because I have slim legs for my size & do not like a lot of loose material flapping around my legs. I do indeed live in jeans, tees, sometimes hoodies, & hikers/trail runners/high tops, etc., for which I make no apology. I do not WANT anyone yapping at me about my clothes or my body size, or offering ‘advice’ regarding how I should dress. And, yes, in whatever I wear, I look fat.

  5. jaed permalink

    That’s the one that got to me. “Even size 16 or [whispering] 18 can look OK, if you put enough effort into it!”

  6. Vixen permalink

    I swear to God I’m going to get a shirt made that says, “I know this makes me look fat and I don’t care.”

    And I’ll wear whatever colors I damn well please. They will not be colors that make me fade away into the background. And I will look spectacular.

  7. I used to work in retail at a store that stocked only up to size 14 (but we went up to 18 online! Weren’t we inclusive!). Every client represented a potential “fat talk” landmine, and at a time when I was first becoming interested in Fat Acceptance and activism, it was very difficult to know how to respond to them. Women from size 0 through size 14 had clearly internalized this message that no roll or soft pooch could be visible – and heaven forfend that they wear our sleeveless dresses without something to cover their upper arms.

    “People actually WEAR sleeveless?” They would say, noses wrinkling.

    The agony I witnessed (“I just really hate my body right now”), the shame (“I put on ten pounds and now I can’t wear any of my clothing”), the despair (“I used to be a size 4, can you believe that?), the self-flagellation (“I’m going to wait and buy this after I’ve lost a few pounds”), the need to desperately reassure me that they KNEW they were hideous (“I just started working out again”) – heartbreaking.

    And these confessions were given to me, a complete stranger. Most women I encountered were so damaged that they were actually unable to see how the clothes actually fit them and how beautiful they looked in the sizes that fit them.

    It didn’t help that we were located right next to a Weight Watchers location and members would come into the store en masse after meetings to try on clothes.

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