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Zombie Fatistician – The Resurrection

September 29, 2011

I don’t even want to look at how long it has been since I updated this blog. I had declared it dead, and now it is going to rise from the dead in some kind of zombie form.

I find that recently I have thoughts. (BRAAAINS) I would like to share those thoughts, on the off chance that someone will actually care. The main caveat I’m gong to make here is that most of these thoughts are not really about Fat Acceptance. Politics, economics and feminism are important to me as well and I think part of the reason I stopped posting is that most of the things I had to say about FA were being said by someone else, better than I could.

Chances are this will still be true of anything I have to say about non FA stuff. However I’m going to post anyway, if only so that will keep me from trying to discuss it with my argumentative work colleagues. (Seriously they will argue about ANYTHING. We spent a half an hour seriously debating the appropriateness and rationality of shoes being placed on the lunch table. Real life trolls. I finally cut through all the “rationality” BS and pointed out that I don’t care if it is perfectly rational, don’t put your shoes where I’m about to eat, end of story.)

Here’s my plan, I’m going to post it here vaguely hoping that it will help me feel motivated to do it.
1. Share regular links that I find interesting. This will probably be from my reader news feed. I will try to post stuff that’s not already being posted a million places. (I’m also going to update my blogroll, so people who are interested in what I’m interested can read what I am reading and maybe recommend stuff that I have not yet read.)
2. Post about stuff. Any stuff.
3. Moderate Comments. For now comment moderation is on and to those 7 people whose comments NEVER posted, I’m sorry. I’m going to keep it pretty locked down for a while because there is an extremely minute chance that some new people will read this blog.

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  1. I’ll be eager to check out the new direction of this blog. I love your writing, shinobi.

  2. That means a lot Twistie! Thanks!

  3. Welcome back 🙂

  4. Mulberry permalink

    Great to see you back to posting, Shinobi!

    You said, “most of the things I had to say about FA were being said by someone else, better than I could.”


    We desperately need statistically learned people in fat acceptance postings. There may be some others, but I haven’t seen anyone tear apart a dubious study quite like you do.

    At, there’s an article on metabolic syndrome, and how it may not even exist. And I thought, I’d sure like to see an article by a statistician on syndromes, which generally have a list of conditions where, if you satisfy a certain percentage of them with some designated severity, you’re diagnosed as having the syndrome. How do they determine which symptoms should be in this list? How do they decide the cut-off values? How do they evaluate the usefulness of such designations?

    *I* care. I want to read more about these things by someone who can explain them to an intelligent lay person. I am selfishly hoping it’ll be you.

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