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::boob jiggle::

October 2, 2009

Apparently as a woman that is the only real contribution I can make to the video game world.  See this review of Ninja Gaiden 2 at Game Revolution:

Speaking of nipples, this game has finally found the perfect use for the Sixaxis motion controls. During the levels in which you play one of three female characters, you can move and shake your controller to shake their boobs. All the straight men in the room say it with me: “Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.

All the women in the room say it with me: “Fucking Virgins lobotomized sex fiends.”

It’s not bad enough that the female fighting toon in Ninja Gaiden presumably sucks more, (if they are sticking to the formula from the LAST NG) and is “dressed” in some strategically placed scraps of clothing that somehow theoretically manage to keep her ridiculously large boobs from hitting her in the face while she tries to kill guys.   Now we have to further degrade her by allowing the player to virtually grope her cleavage.

Fucking great.

Shit like this makes me never want to play video games again.  And I love video games, so y’know, I’m pretty pissed.

Also, This.  Though I do not play Halo.

I wish I could go take my anger out on some virtual monsters, but that’s only going to remind me of HOW MUCH I FUCKING HATE THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY.

I’m going to go find a new fucking hobby that I can feel good about spending my money on.

**updated so I am not insulting people who don’t deserve to be insulted by being associated with asshole game developers.


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  1. justkidding permalink

    *feeble wave from the casual games industry, which generally lacks huge jiggling boobs* Love us! Love us! Join us and make games with us!

  2. This? Is part of why I mostly like simulation games, like Tropico and Sims. They’re also less likely to irritate my repetitive motion injuries. Puzzle Pirates is the only multiplayer game I’m into and it’s close to G rated.

  3. Wicked permalink

    For a hobby, try archery! I just took it up and love it to little pieces!

    Plus, I enjoy out-shooting the guys in my class. But that’s just a perk.

  4. Just one of the many reasons I stick to innocuous games like Farm Frenzy. 🙂

  5. Cripes. When I heard about this, I THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE. What the… just… what the hell?

    Why does it seem that the video game industry is getting WORSE, the louder we agitate for better treatment of women in games? Why does a game about ninjas need to throw in a boob-bouncing simulator?! It’s about NINJAS. Why do people in the industry wonder why games don’t generally appeal to women, when shit like this repulses even gamer-since-childhood ladies like myself?!

    These questions really have no good answers. I know.

  6. I think the video games industry is missing out on a huge piece of the market. I also love video games–I’ve been playing them for years, and companies definitely lose money from me when they do things like this. I really enjoyed, for example, Mass Effect, which had very interesting, non-oversexed female characters. I could even fall in love with a female alien (my protagonist, of course, was female)! I also like that, in the midst of all the fighting, there was so much character nuance to Mass Effect. It was always really interesting to hear my crew’s back stories.

    In fact, I pretty much adore Bioware’s rpgs. Period. They are very aware that a large part of their audience is female.

  7. I suggest knitting and bellydancing. Both very fun.

  8. O.C. permalink

    Um, Shinobi? You’re right about this, and I usually love your commentary about just about anything. But insulting virgins in order to make your point? Uncool. I have friends who are still virgins at varying ages. Some feel ok about it, some aren’t happy about it, but regardless it shouldn’t be a slur.

    Just sayin’.

  9. Sorry O.C. I really meant it more as commentary on the fact that only sexually deprived people would find it necessary to program boob jiggling into a PC game, than as a slur on virgins.

    But I see your point. I too have friends who are virgins, and there is nothing wrong with it. We are all virgins for (hopefully) a significant portion of our lives.

    Alternate Slur suggestions? I will update my post.

  10. Shit like this makes me glad I’m not a gamer.

  11. ladyjaye permalink

    What Sydera said. I too am a huge fan of Bioware’s games (one month left till Dragon Age Origins! Woo!) I like how in most of their games, you can choose your character’s gender and that if you choose a woman, she isn’t automatically a half-naked bimbo who must at all costs be an archer or a sorceress. I love playing a fighter, and that’s what I will play.

    @Shinobi: I’d say something like “no-life losers”. BTW, if you like retrogaming at all or just wanna chat about modern games with an adult gamers crowd (adult as in most people there are aged 25-40), I recommend
    We aren’t a ton of women in there, but the guys are respectful and won’t diss you “just cuz ur a gurl” (as those boob-jiggling creeps would type). Been a member there since 2002 and I’ve made a lot of friends there.

  12. maggiemunkee permalink

    my husband had read about this previously, and apparently the guy who originally created ninja gaiden is suing the developer of this game over the tit-shaking controls. he was apparently PISSED that was a facet of the game.


    if you’d like, i’m sure i can find a link for you.

  13. Maggie, That makes me feel a little better.

  14. This is just part of the culture we’re in. No doubt this game will have a huge appeal to the kind of lonely losers whose only sexual experience will be this virtual trip to second base. But don’t give up on the video game industry as a whole.

    The Wii is targeted toward the broader audience, while the PS3 is aimed at hard-core gamers, which has traditionally been men (but is skewing away from that demographic more and more). Men love boobs, so they’re going for a cheap gimmick to draw them in.

    If men are willing to buy it, then no amount of protest will put a dent in it. Just look at the uproar from conservatives over Grand Theft Auto, and what an impact it had on sales.

    America can be a sleazy place, where what matters isn’t what’s right, but what sells.


  15. Shannon,

    Generally yes, but y’know, I’m a hardcore gamer and the Wii sucks. And Ninja Gaidan was created in Japan.

  16. That is absolutely true. The Wii does suck for hardcore gamers. Oh, and if you hate sexist stuff, don’t get God of War for the PSP. One of the early minigames involves Kratos having a threesome with two naked, beckoning women. Its pretty sick. But overall its a good game. I guess there’s no satisfactory answer except to do your homework and vote with your checkbook.


  17. O.C. permalink

    “No-life losers” sounds good to me, if you’re looking for a slur! Thanks, LadyJaye, and thanks Shinobi, for understanding my point. 🙂

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